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Just a concept for a t10 Swedish Battleship

WorldOfWarships3 - Just a concept for a t10 Swedish Battleship

Me and some friends were discussing purely hypothetical battleships with no design basis and I accidentally had the idea of a high tier Swedish battleship influenced by the designs of the countries nearby, including Germany and Britain while incorperating their own very well designed weapons. Tell me what you guys think.

T10? Swedish Battleship Västernorrland

HP : 86400 Plating : 30mm

(To be specific, she has a 30mm bow and stern with a 38mm deck. She can be overmatched and damage farmed quite easily in the nose, however she has a 40mm icebreaker that extends high enough to protect her citadel. She features a very good turtleback with 320mm of belt armor, making her hard to citadel, but easy to get penetration damage. Her superstructure is 19mm protected and medium sized, a typical HE target.)

Main Battery : 3×3 283mm/45 Rifles arranged two forward one aft. Firing Range : 29 Kilometers. Maximum AP DMG : 9000 | Initial Velocity : 870m/s. Maximum HE DMG : 3600 | Initial Velocity : 870m/s | Fire Chance : 20% | Penetration : 47mm. Reload Time : 15 Seconds. 180 Degree Turn Time : 25 Seconds. Maximum Dispersion : 210 Meters. Sigma : 2.0

(She retains tight accuracy at extreme range with great reload, but no improved penetration angles and low shell damage/penetration offsets monsterously damaging broadsides. The guns are modeled on the Sverige class battleships guns, and they lose very little velocity over range. Her HE is not noteworthy.)

Secondary Battery : 8×2 120mm/50 arranged 4 on each side four facing the bow and four facing the rear. Reload Time : 2 Seconds. Firing Range: 6 Kilometers. Maximum HE DMG : 1750 | Initial Velocity : 825m/s | Fire Chance : 8%

(The Secondaries are Halland's guns, which while they fire extremely fast, are crippled by average range and low HE damage. There are also not many to a side.)

AA Defense : 8×2 120mm/50 | 8×2 57mm/60 | 16×1 40mm/70

Medium Range AA

Firing Range : 4.5 Kilometers. Aura DPS : 660DPS ROF : 0.29 Seconds. Hit Probability : 95%.

Long Range AA

Firing Range : 6.6 Kilometers. Flak Clouds : 8. Flak Cloud Damage : 1890. ROF : 5 Seconds. Spawn Time : 1.5 Seconds. Distance : 3.8 Kilometers to 6.6 Kilometers.


Aura DPS : 320DPS. ROF : 0.29 Seconds. Hit Probability : 95%.

Maximum Reinforcement : 35 Seconds | Preparation Time : 10 Seconds | Instant Damage : 5% | Action Time : 10 Seconds.

(Västernorrland has incredible Anti-Aircraft capability, however she cannot mount the Defensive Anti-Aircraft Fire consumable.)

Maximum Speed : 33 Knots. Turning Circle Radius : 850 Meters. Rudder Shift Time : 12.4 Seconds.

(She is very maneuverable for a battleship, which offsets her poor armor.)

Surface Detectability : 15.8 Kilometers. Air Detectability : 10.8 Kilometers. Detectability After Firing In Smoke : 12 Kilometers.

(Her surface concealment values are good, but you will see her with your aircraft long before you fly into her murderous AA bubble.)


  1. Damage Control Party Duration : 10 Seconds. Reload Time : 120 Seconds Charges : Infinite

  2. Repair Party (Standard Battleship Heal)

  3. Catapult Fighter/Spotting Aircraft.

All of these stats presume no upgrades or commander skills.

Her gameplay would revolve around dishing out long range damage to enemy vessels. Her high shell velocity would allow her to easily hit targets out at her maximum range, but her low shell count and small shell size prevents her from being a constant sniper. Her damage comes from landing consistent hits with her rapidly firing guns. Aircraft Carriers fear her and should try to avoid her until late game when most of her relatively unarmored AA mounts are destroyed. Proper angling would be required to play her in close proximity, but she can out DPM her competition if she uses HE, which is fairly standard fare. It cannot penetrate heavy battleship decks, but it can set them on fire. She should use her high speed and good rudder shift to avoid damage as her armor is very thin. And she does not carry any special consumables outside of the standard fare.

What do you guys think?

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