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Just a small clarification on MM CV limits

WorldOfWarships1 - Just a small clarification on MM CV limits

During my recent Q&A I gave this reply in regards to MM:

Q: Will you change the matchmaker so that we'll not have two or even three CVs in a single battle any more? Any plans when that change will happen?

A: Removing three (at all tiers except for 4 at least) is quite possible. With limit to 1, there is an issue, and it is connected with how complex MM actually is (something that a lot of us don't see).

The problem is that if we, for example, introduce 1CV limit to tier 10 at the moment, there WILL be more battles of 4v4 or 5v5 ships with 1 CV from time to time, even during prime times (when the number of CV in the queue fluctuates up), and any slight increase in T10 CV popularity will make things worse. MM works with the players in queue, and it is bound to launch a battle after some time no matter what. CV should always be mirrored, which adds to the problem. It's not even about "I am ready to wait for 2 seconds longer", it's about waiting for several minutes and then having 5v5 battle with 1 CV. Sorry, but it's not easy, and for now, while we're inclined to go down to 2CV hard limit, I don't see us setting 1CV even at T10, unless their popularity drops a bit (which honestly is not desirable, as CV current popularity is at lower border of target zone).

I should also add that working on CV and AA balance, which we do, will contribute to the situation. In other words, having 2 CV per team is not bad because of number itself, but rather because of some irritating situations coming from it in ship vs ship / class vs class interaction.

After some additional questions and comments I feel I need to dig a bit deeper in this and clarify my response. I make a separate post so it's visible and not buried in comments of already old original thread.


MM is a system that processes the huge flow of players (the battle queue) to launch battles with balanced teams in reasonable time.

When I say "balanced teams" I know some of you can mention issues like T8 MM, but that's a separate topic. What I mean is that we need to set up teams with tier and classes in mind (e.g. equality in top tier ships of all classes and mid tier BBs, mirrored CV presense, soft caps, etc, etc). There are quite a lot of conditions to fulfill, and at the same time, the waiting time for each player should be reasonable.

In terms of CV proportion to other ships in a team of 12:

  • With 3 CV per team, each CV should ideally match with 3 other ships in MM.
  • With 2CV per team, each CV should have 5 other ships.
  • With 1CV per team, each should have 11.

So let's try to picture the current CV players inflow to MM queue (any players flow fluctuates with time depending on many factors and pure RNG – how many ppl pick this class right now):

a04a0ba9bf76efbf241510fe72d4eff9 - Just a small clarification on MM CV limits

Sorry for my mad paint skills, but I actually don't have proper graphical representations; MM devs work with the data in tables, and I don't want to bother them for fancy pics. That's not a real data, just very rough image of situation:-)

You see the spikes I colored above 3 CV cap line? Yeah, that's where the player flow goes beyond 3CV limit. They don't look scary, right? When the amount of CV spikes, these players just wait a little longer and go to matches, being distributed to other "zones" of a chart.


Let's assume we lowered the 3 CV limit (which is very safe and we don't really see a lot of 3CV games after 0.8.0 CV population spiked) to 2. With current CV flow it would look like that:

732e7e6b71dd8e81270a8eb301c817e3 - Just a small clarification on MM CV limits

Looks a bit more scary but manageable. Also, there are more CVs on tier 4, and fewer at top tier, so, for example, if we make 2 CV limit everywhere but tier 4, we should be fine. These red colored spikes above 2 CV should still be manageable most of the time.

But now let's look at 1 CV limit. Something like this:

05732461b634e95e80027d86a962f87f - Just a small clarification on MM CV limits

Ooops, we clearly see huge volume of CV having trouble getting through MM queue to battles. And this is what will happen assuming the MM has just started (e.g. game was updated, downtime is over, servers just went live):

  1. First 2 CVs will almost instantly "find" their properly balanced 11 ships each and go to battle with them;
  2. Second CV pair will do it as well, but they will wait a bit longer, let's say in 1 minute – ha, no big issue, right?
  3. Pair 3 will get "sucked" into battle in longer time – 2 minutes. Still manageable…
  4. You get the idea, each next pair of CV will wait for longer and longer. Given that the average CV inflow is still the same despite some spikes, very soon the CVs in queue will reach 5 minutes, and 5 minutes is the limit for waiting. And here, snowball effect begins..
  5. Each next pair beyond 5 minutes of waiting will go with less and less other ships, so 11v11, 10v10, 9v9 etc games with 1 CV per team will appear quickly. It's worth mentioning that raising the limit beyond 5 minutes is either inefficient (10 minutes will not save the day) or unreasonable (sorry, no 5 hours limits are considered, and in any case, snowball will go on and on).
  6. One should remember that in fact the snowball will most likely start to form quicker than in my example, as in “real life” there are several “battle bins” being filled in at the same time.

So basically, introducing hard CV cap that is below average CV player inflow into MM queue will cause incomplete teams and snowball effect at the respective battle tier. And for sure, a CV will feel more beneficial in a match against 4 or 5 regular ships, while other players won't.

We will consider lowering the cap to 2 CV per team on all tiers but 4, and we will very carefully observe the situation and try to find opportunity to making it 1 on higher tiers, but at the moment it is not technically possible without damaging the experience for everyone.

And, as I hopefully showed, it's not about "hey, that CV can wait for 3 minutes, who cares" or "hey, I'm okay with waiting for 1 more minute to get 1 CV game". If it was that easy, we would have gladly done it already.

Thank you, and have a good day 🙂

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