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‘Just Dodge’: A guide to mitigating CV damage

WorldOfWarships1 - 'Just Dodge': A guide to mitigating CV damage

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'Just dodge' is a sarcastic phrase that tends to get thrown around a lot in regards to CVs at the moment, and it is admittedly incorrect. Using the word 'dodge' implies that you will be able to avoid CV damage altogether, and this is simply not true. However, the impact that proper angling against an incoming CV strike cannot be overstated. In this post, I will try to educate you on the various forms of air dropped weaponry, and what you can do to mitigate their impact.


Rockets in general (with one exception discussed below) can be mitigated by angling in to the strike. The nature of how rockets are dropped, and the angle that they impact at results in an angled ship taking far less damage than a broadside one.

Some of you may be skeptical of this for a variety of reasons. In order to prove this, I took an Audacious into a training room against 12 Des Moines bots with no AI. I dropped 36 times over the nose, and 36 times over the broadside. Each drop was fully aimed and targets were full health in order to ensure that damage saturation was accounted for. My results are too long to bore you with in a table, so I will summarise them here.

The average damage done to angled targets was 4,209.

The highest alpha strike done to an angled target was 7,433.

The lowest alpha strike done to an angled target was 2,328.

The average damage done to a broadside target was 8,559.

The highest alpha strike done to a broadside target wa 11,313.

The lowest alpha strike done to a broadside target was 6,657.

This was using Audacious rockets, the most powerful found in game, however the same will stand true for any HVAR style rocket (I personally call these Flood Rockets)

The only exception to this are Tiny Tims, found on Lexington, Saipan, Midway and Graf Zeppelin. What should be noted about TT rockets are that they aim far more than any other rocket. A fully aimed salvo will hit almost, if not all of the rockets. However, they also bloom massively when forced to manoeuvre. Any type of dramatic movement will throw these rockets off and drastically decrease their accuracy.

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I really feel like this should be unnecessary. Any good player knows how to dodge torpedoes, so instead I thought I would mention the different types of torpedoes found on CVs.


American Torpedoes have mediocre alpha strike but high number of torpedoes. They lose their accuracy quickly when manouevred and take significant amounts of time to aim. Easily the weakest form of torpedo.

Japanese Torpedoes come in two flavours on Hakuryu. Her 6-2s are very typical of the IJN. High alpha, easy to aim with significant arming distance. Her 3-4s are weirder, once renowned as Flying Shimakaze's, these torpedoes can drop a large amount of torpedoes quickly from outside of the aircrafts detection range. On the other hand, they are slow, vulnerable and generally weak. Until they get hypothetically buffed in the next patch (?).

British Torpedoes are odd. They arm quickly, but are horrifically slow and do decent damage. These are the hardest to dodge when a CV player knows what they are doing.


These are interesting. There are 3 types of bombs in game, with 3 distinct way of dodging. Lets get the easy ones out of the way first.

Don't even bother trying against HE bombs. The amount of manouevring that you can get away with with these things is absurd. Luckily this is getting changed, but it's kinda stupid. You can mitigate it by being perpendicular to the incoming bombs, but good luck with that.

Be careful around AP bombs. AP bombs want to get you long ways along your ship. Thy have a long, vertical ellipse and generally few bombs, so getting perpendicular to these will generally mitigate their damage or avoid it completely.

British bombs are easy. RN bombs take so long to drop that dodging them can legitimately become possible. The same rules for AP bombs generally apply here, with the added requirement that you be careful with your damage control. RN bombs are almost guaranteed a fire with every drop.

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I would love to go deeper into this and collect experimental data for each type of aerial weaponry, but I currently have neither the time nor the willpower to do this. Keep an eye out for that. If you have any questions about my reasoning or way that I could improve on the experiment I would like to hear them so that I can improve at this.

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