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Just some thoughts about in-game communication.

WorldOfWarships4 - Just some thoughts about in-game communication.

Yesterday I made a post about being kind to bad players. As I appreciate all of the tips and tricks I got from friendly redditors, I think I didn’t made it clear enough that I was talking about in-game communication. I try to explain what my original intention was.

But at first some words to describe me and my situation:

I am a 38-year-old gamer dad who started playing multiplayer games with the release of the very first Command & Conquer 25 years ago. As a dad of two boys, I can mostly play in the evening/night.

According to World of Warships I'm bad, but not inexperienced. I started playing in 2015 and grinded to North Carolina and Cleveland (T VI at that time). I use some Mods from Aslains Mod Pack and watched a ton of YT videos and Twitch Streamers.

Then I had a long break till summer of this year. All together I have nearly 1500 games played. But at least half of them 5 years ago. I spend money on premium time but not on premium ships or crates. I hate gambling IRL too.

In the past few month I grinded the IJN BB line and finally reached Yamato. I like the sniper BB style and wow, Yamato is THE ship for me. And it's the only ship I have a 50+ win rate.

But I like the progression and I (re)started playing CVs. I made it to August von Parseval but meh, that carrier made me switch to USN CVs. I reached Lexington and have enough XP for the Midway, but not enough Credits.

Recently I like to play the Cleveland too. Especially in ranked. I'm bronze 3 right now.

Since then, according to my stats at, my personal rating, average damage and average EP are rising but my win rate sinks.

My intention: The in-game communication.

People ping the minimap all the time, they spam in chat how bad their team is, give advice to uninstall the game, report players for playing “wrong” and so on. I guess you know what I mean.

A few days ago, I was in a match with a unicum or something like that (purple clan tag) and he was literally flaming the in-game chat from the beginning of the match how bad his/our team is. He spammed clicking the minimap and wrote something about how bad I am and others are.


I know that I am bad. make it clear that I’m not underwhelming. I’m bad. But nevertheless, the game is/was fun for me. I like the challenge. I like to reflect my own faults and try to learn from them. I’m not the guy who thinks my team is bad and that’s the reason why we lost. I always try to have a look about what I was doing wrong. In other games too. I really stopped playing PUBG with an old friend because in his eyes only other players or teammates were the reason why we got killed.

But meanwhile I’m at a point where I think: How can I improve my game when all the good players tell me how bad I am but hardly ever give advice what to do better? I’m tired of people flaming in-game chat about bad players.

When they know how to do it better, why can’t they just write that? Instead of harassing just write something like “Go and cap A.” or “Stay and defend B”?

I often hear or read the argument “This is a team-based game, coward.” But hardly anyone is communicating tactics in-game. People write “focus fire!!11!”. But the same guy does not write or even ping which target to focus.

Recently I had some ranked matches where some guys clearly just give the command “A/B”. And the whole team is doing that. And wins. Since a few days I ask at the beginning of match if we should focus on A/B or B/C. I’m not in the position to give commands. But sometimes someone answers and the team does it. This minimum of positive communication is often the key for winning a game.

I’m at a point where I think about deactivating the in-game chat. But that would deactivate any rare advice or positive message too.

Thanks for reading and I wish you a merry Christmas!

Tl;dr: Please be kind. Please write what you want bad players to do instead of blaming them.

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