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Kremlin: Absurdly Overpowered or a Ship that Rewards Experienced Players?

WorldOfWarships1 - Kremlin: Absurdly Overpowered or a Ship that Rewards Experienced Players?

I've decided to quickly make this post while my thoughts are still fresh, so it may jump around a bit or be fragmented.

Recently, I've unlocked the Kremlin and I can't help but notice that I'm far deadlier with it.

Just for some context, I've been playing for a little over two years now and have other tier 10 BB's, namely the Montana, Grosse Kurfurst, and the Conqueror. I'm definitely not Flambass, but I do believe I'm a bit more aware of what I'm doing than the average player.

So, just a quick overview in case your name is Patrick Star, the Kremlin, and all Soviet BB's are designed to be knifefighters and full fill that role perfectly -even more so than the OG Germans- with fast traversing turrets and guns that increase in accuracy the closer you get to your target (you can hear the Kreigsmarine crying in the corner). Both of those traits are great, especially because of the line's one glaring downside, having the citadel on the outside of the ship. This makes it so you have to properly angle, not overextend, and avoid sailing into crossfires. That's not mention anything about having a limited number of charges for the Damage Control consumable (whether or not it's a hinderance is debatable).

Now, onto the main part of the post. I've only played the ship for around ten matches, but most of the matches so far have had some peculiar happenings that I don't encounter in other BB's. For example, in match number 3, I broke my old Damage Dealt record with easy in a random battle. My new record is 240k compared to about 190k I believe (I'm a solo player). The next match yielded yet another thing I've never seen before. Now, we've all been in that situation where we catch the broadside of a battleship at about 12km and shave off a huge chunk of health with multiple citadels and penetrations. The most I have ever done at that range was 44k in the Montana. Until now. I hit an enemy Kremlin at around 12km and did a crippling 60k. I have NEVER seen anyone deal that much damage in a single salvo without it being a Detonation. The funny thing is that it's not uncommon to completely blow a ship out of the water while sailing the Kremlin either. Infact, when I've caught the broadside of a ship at point blank, carefully aim, and don't annihilate it, I'm bamboozled. It's like the shells are magnetised to citadels.


So, my first question for those of you who have acquired it, do you think the ship is perhaps overperforming? I personnally believe that it has nothing to do with matchmaking, team composition, RNG or a placebo effect of having a new ship, etc. The amount of oddities I've had in such a limited number of matches says otherwise. My next question is, if it's not overpowered, is it meant to (blantantly) reward a more experienced player? The Soviet line as a whole, have weaknesses that are very unforgiving for inexperienced players, but aren't really an obstacle for veteran players that have proper knowledge of angling, mitigating damage, and situational awareness, thus making them absolute monsters in experienced hands. So much so that I can only speculate the sheer amount of carnage a 3-man division could create if they queued together.

So to conclude this hastily made post, I can't imagine the Kremlin not receiving a nerf(s). It appears to be incredibly strong and it's mainly down to it being designed to close the distance and precisely place shots on target. In about ten matches, the Kremlin has already made an amazing and scary impression on me and I'm sure it has done the same to those who have encountered it. For now though, I can see it being a brutally hilarious meme.

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