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Kremlin is dead

WorldOfWarships7 - Kremlin is dead

Kremlin: Ya-da-da-da-da-da- It is good day to be not dead!

Ohio: POW! You are dead!

Kremlin: I am dead!

Ohio: Chuckling, while spy is doing the conga towards the scene (The

Engineer says aw, shucks” as the Kleber gets close.)

Kleber: Oh! The Kremlin is dead!

Kremlin: Yes. I am dead!

Kleber: Why is the Kremlin dead?!

Ohio: I dunno.

Kremlin: I think it was-

Ohio and Kleber: Shhh, you are dead!

Heavy: Ok.

(Minotaur enters scene exiting van)

Minotaur: What's up, you wankers?! Who’s up for a- AH! What the- bloody hell just happened?!

Ohio and Kleber: The Kremlin is dead!

Minotaur: The Kremlin is dead!

Kleber: Correct!

Kleber: So, did you see the murderer?

Ohio and Minotaur: Nah, sorry mate.

Kleber: I will find him, I will capture him, and no one will ever sink again! (Applause)

(Missouri appears in scene)

Missouri: Atteeeeeeeeention!

(Missouri rushes to dead Kremlin)

Missouri: That Kremlin is dead!

Kleber: We know!

Missouri: Who killed him?!

Spy: We don’t know!

Missouri: I will find clues!

(Missouri searches through pile of stuff while sniffing)

Missouri: What's that? (Sees an shell hole) That thing is why the Kremlin is dead!

Ohio, Kleber and Minotaur: The Kremlin is dead?!

Missouri: Yes, he died!

(All shocked)

Hindenburg: (From far away) Incoming!

(Crashes into Missouri, killing her.)

Hindenburg: Raus, raus! Move now! (Kisses Kremlin on bow)

(Heavenly music sounds while the light focuses on Kremlin)

Kremlin: (Rising in air) Hohoho, (Explodes).

Hindenburg: In my opinion, that Kremlin is dead!

Minotaur: Doc, what happened?

Hindenburg: My profesional opinion? The Kremlin was sunk


Hindenburg: I don’t think it’s anything to worry about.

Minotaur: Well, now what?

(Fletcher entering while doing the conga in the background

Kleber: “Oh, come on.”

Fletcher: Look at this! The freaking Kremlin is dead! (Pause) What do you think of that? (Pause) Ahm…


Kleber: Yes, yes, Fletcher.

Fletcher: Yea?

Kleber: Go home!

Fletcher: Ah come on! Pffff! Freaking unbelievable seriously, you all suck.

(Drives off and crashing noise is heard)

Fletcher: Screams of pain

Kleber: Ok, let’s get back to the point.

Kremlin: (Poking at his dead body) I think Kremlin is dead.

Everyone: The Kremlin is dead?!

Hindenburg: (Notices dead and burning Fletcher and rushes) I will heal you (Explosion)

Kremlin: Oh, Seriously?! Who killed Kremlin?!

(Camera shows on Edinburgh drinking Scrumpy)

Edinburgh: Slurp Slurp It was me!

Everyone: Shocked

Edinburgh: Yes! I did it like this: (Torps Minotaur, sinking her immediately)

Edinburgh: Woop dee doo!

Everyone: Is terrified from seeing Minotaur’s sinking hulk

Edinburgh: (Burps)That’s a joke, lads.

Ohio, Kleber, and Kremlin: (Start laughing like crazy)

Edinburgh: (Slurp Slurp Burp) It was… yo-… Burp (Points at Ohio) Her!

Ohio: (Shocked) How did you know?!

Edinburgh: I didn’t. Burps That was a joke too.

(Edinburgh keeps drinking faster)

Edinburgh: (Capsizes) Oh, I’m dead.

Ohio: (Manic laughter) That’s right! It was me!

Kleber: You monster!

Kremlin: But whyyyyy?

Ohio: Cause you’re fat, boi. And another thing, you’re ugly.

Kremlin: Ohio, stop!

Ohio and Kremlin: Arguing

Kremlin: OHIO!

Ohio: Ah dammit Kremlin **** off! You are dead.

Kremlin: No u, POW!

(Ohio spontaneously combusts)

Kremlin: You are dead! Not big surprise.

Kleber: Well that was idiotic. Off to scuttle myself! Watch and lea- Boom

Kremlin: I am alive! Is nice. Yes, this is stupid.


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