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Kronshtadt or Musashi: Update

WorldOfWarships6 - Kronshtadt or Musashi: Update

A few days ago I asked the opinion of people here, and asked in game whether the Musashi or the Kronshtadt was the better pick. I got fairly mixed responses as both ships seem to be love it or hate it. I ultimately decided to go with my gut and get Kronshtadt as Musashi/Yamato play style does not interest me.

Well I’m happy to report that after about 10 ish games in the Kron I am absolutely in LOVE with this thing. It absolutely brutalizes anything crazy enough to expose even a tiny bit of broadside. I’ve already insta deleted 2 cruisers, and it’s the only ship I’ve played that I’ve gotten citadels in every game I’ve played in it (even if it’s only 10, I’ve never gone 10 straight games with citadel hits). The dispersion can be a bit wonky at times, but it is definitely WAY over exaggerated by people here and on the forums. My worst game in this thing I did 72k damage, thing is a monster. I’m not posting this to be braggy, I’m an average at best player. But this ship suits my play style, and it helps that it absolutely punishes just about everything it sees.


TL;DR If you’re torn between Musashi and Kronshtadt, I’ve got nothing but amazing things to say about the Kron. At the end of the day, go with which you think suits you better though.

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