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Kure Dockyard and some time sensitive options

WorldOfWarships1 - Kure Dockyard and some time sensitive options

First off, I will try to talk most captains out of grinding and paying for the Hizen. Most will not have the time to finish all 22 phases through grinding missions. But also be aware with the 2nd week of the Kure Dockyard for Hizen opening up in a day, many captains will be earning their 4th stage of the Dockyard, and with that, the starter packs go away. For any wishing to acquire the Hizen, the Starter packs dramatically cut the Doubloon cost to purchase the minimum 4 stages besides the up to 22 we can earn running missions to reach the 26 stages needed to complete the event.

One thing to carefully consider is the Dockyard missions are an extremely time consuming endeavor. If you already own other decent ijn Premium BB's like Musashi or even Kii, then you already have your captain trainer for that line, be sure you really want to spend the significant time and the doubloons on Hizen – really – it will be a LOT of work.

Hopefully before spending real money on starter packs, you have taken a good hard look at the mission trees – there are some very time consuming objectives – the worst one is in stage 7 requiring 55000 Basexp – That means 55+ random battles for most to get that one single objective.

Grab a note pad and check your calendar the next 52 days – Carefully Look at the remaining missions as they unlock each week – jot down what you will need to best get through them all – specific ships/nationalities / classes – do you have camo and signals you can save to help reduce the time to earn regular XP, credits ? Can you play the mission in another battle mode like coop or scenarios – even ranked might get you some objectives far quicker than playing ranked . Doing this – you can actually count approximately how many games you will need to complete each objective -and with that – the time you will need each week – and round up your numbers to be safe. These are a tough grind towards the end weeks especially

The objective in the exercise above is to be sure you honestly have the time to complete the missions before dropping doubloons on starter packs or mission stages or you might find yourself in a situation towards the end where you have invested significant time and doubloons but still are falling short of completing the 26 stages required to obtain the Hizen. Late stages will cost 1950 doubloons each to complete if you cannot get through the missions to earn those stages. That will get expensive fast for any in that situation. Buyers remorse might become very real 🙁


After all of that – you can more safely make a decision if you still want the Hizen – Then, buying the starter packs is the cheapest way to get the minimum 4 stages required to complete the 26 stages you need for her – or if you want to go with a 10 stage starter pack if you know you will not have the time and want the ship that bad. Keep in mind a t8 premium in armory with a 25% coupons is cheaper – is Hizen worth more to you than any of the available T8's – especially considering the time sync required?


There is also an opportunity for some to make 775 Doubloons from the dockyard.

So, after checking the mission requirements, you feel you are comfortable getting to at least stage 15, where we can acquire the Tier 5 premium Yahagi, and you do not own her yet, you then have an interesting option. Especially if you have 3250 Doubloons sitting in your game right now.

You can go into the armory and use the temporary 25% doubloon discount coupon that is available for the next 10 days to reduce the cost of getting that ship from 4300 to 3225. and when you get to stage 15 of the Dockyard , because you already own the yahagi, you will receive 4000 doubloons compensation – a net gain of 775 doubloons. Of course for any previously owning yahagi, you are already in a good place 🙂

In my guide below, I run through the information from above, the missions, & offer some advice on how best to obtain what you want from this event, and it's perfectly ok to play what you play , earn what you earn and be happy with that free stuff & avoiding locking ourselves into a massive grind. Either way – This guide should help you get the most you can with the time you play.

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