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Lack of Royal Navy Premiums and Some Ideas For New Ones

WorldOfWarships3 - Lack of Royal Navy Premiums and Some Ideas For New Ones

I would just like to say a lot of what is going to be said is really just my opinion. You don't have to agree with it, it's really just what I'd like to say about the British in WoWs. Hopefully it's at least worth your time to read though.


As many of you may or may not know, the Royal Navy has regularly been one of the largest navies in the world throughout a lot of history. For the most part this is clearly displayed in World of Warships. The RN is one of only 4 nations with a line split, has a more or less historical destroyer line, and is overall a really fun and interesting line up of ships for me and many others. As far as that goes the RN is pretty well represented. When it comes to premiums however, not so much. Looking at the numbers in the chart I've made below, it is really obvious that the RN is somewhat lacking compared to other nations, with their cruisers and destroyers in particular looking all but ignored.

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Comparing the Number of Premiums

The following numbers are the numbers of unique premiums of some of the navies with the most premium ships in game. Coal and Free XP ships are counted, along with rare ships or ones that have been pulled from sale, but are still capable of being owned. Any special variations of ships are not included such as Azur Lane, Black, 40K, etc. Premium clones of tech tree ships like the ARPs aren't counted either. I will also be including premiums that have been announced or are in testing in parenthesis.

United StatesSoviet UnionJapanGreat Britain
Cruisers11 (+1)17 (+1)7 (+1)4 (+1)
Battleships10 (+2)5 (+1)77
Carriers2 (+1)12

You can ask me about this table in the replies, but it's based off of ships listed on Battleships and carriers are fine as is, but the gross lack of British premium Destroyers and Cruisers is apparent. And even if you would like to include Common Wealth ships, of which there are only 3, she still lacks quite a bit.

Royal Navy Premium Ideas

Hopefully this will be the real meat and bones of the post. The RN in reality had a lot of interesting possibilities for ships that could be implemented in WoWs.

Royal Navy Destroyers

This is a category that I think could especially use some love. The last real British Premium destroyer we've gotten was the Cossack back in late 2018, and we haven't had news of anything new in a while. This category was a little interesting to research, as there was a lot to consider as far as uniqueness and historical value went, but I think I came up with a few good examples.

Two very good candidates for premiums I found would be HMS Kimberly and HMS Saumarez. Both ships had saw extensive service during WW2 and offer a lot of interesting options as far as premiums go. HMS Kimberly would be the same class of ship as Jervis, while HMS Saumarez was an S-class destroyer which would be completely new to WoWs. These two ships would offer a lot of flexibility if turned into premiums, and could fit comfortably between tiers VI to VIII depending on how they are balanced. I feel like heals or German Hydro on either of these ships would make for rather interesting play. Need less to say, they are my top pick for possible premium RN DDs.

HMS Kimberly on the left and HMS Saumarez on the right.

There were a couple other ships that I've considered but these two I think would be best. HMS Glowworm would be interesting for historical value, however she is virtually identical to HMS Gallant. Another Daring or Battle-class as a unique high tier coal/steel ship might be interesting, or perhaps a Weapon-class with an interesting gimmick/play style.


Royal Navy Cruisers

Seeing how many cruisers the US and USSR have compared to RN seems almost criminal. Exeter and London are very pleasant premiums, but the higher tiers are a different story. We have the illusive Belfast, which hasn't been on sale in years, and Cheshire, likely one of the least popular tier VIII premiums. Testing of Belfast '43 is going to be starting soon, but I honestly don't think another HMS Belfast was the way to go.

For cruisers my prime picks will be HMS Dido and HMS Norfolk. HMS Dido was a member of the Dido-class, essentially a "British Atlanta-class" with a less guns. As much as people don't like HE spammers, I still think her inclusion is somewhat long overdue (Hell, she's already in Blitz as HMS Sirius). HMS Norfolk might seem like a somewhat odd option, but hear me out. Out of all the County-class cruisers, she is easily one of the most famous. She would likely fit in with HMS London at tier VI, but I honestly love to see if she could be squeezed up to tier VII with a quicker reload, improved heal, smoke, or any combination of those.

HMS Norfolk on the left and HMS Dido on the right.

Other ships possible ships to be considered include HMS Arethusa, same class as Huang He but still British. HMS Sheffield wouldn't be a bad pick either, a Town-class with good history, and the possibility of a British CL with HE, but no radar. Lastly is HMS Swiftsure which was essentially a Town-class (Edinburgh/Belfast) but missing a turret. I think the subtly reduced firepower would make for a more balance Belfast '43 style ship.

Royal Navy Battleships and Carriers

In WoWs the British already have a very good cast of premium BBs but there is one ship I'd still like to talk about. As for premium CVs, I think if anyone needs a long awaited second premium CV it'd be Japan with something like Hiyou, Akagi, or Shinano but I'm not gonna get to into that. I'm still going to throw in a possible British Premium CV just for this section though.

The HMS Duke of York and HMS King George V represent the KGV-class great, but there's one more ship of this class that would make it absolutely perfect. HMS Prince of Wales would make for an great premium in my mind, with two routes to take for gameplay. Option 1 would be everything Duke of York was in testing (30 second fire, no heal) but with the addition of Exhaust Smoke. Whether or not that sounds rather ridiculous is up to you, but I think the Exhaust Smoke may help with the shortcomings of her lack of heal. Option 2 would just be put her a tier VIII and make significant improvements, such as improved accuracy or a "zombie heal". Either way, I'd like to see her in game. As for Carriers there's HMS Unicorn which I would really like to see, maybe as something like a AP British carrier. I haven't given her as much thought, yet I'd still like to see her in the game in some form.

HMS Prince of Wales on the left and HMS Unicorn on the right.

I don't have much else to say for this category other than we'll probably get a modernized HMS Rewnown as a premium with the British Battlecruiser split, when and if we ever get that. I'm honestly pretty hopeful.


Strictly speaking these are just some of the things I'd really like to see for future Royal Navy Premiums. I had a fun time doing some Wikipedia research (lame, I know) on some of these ship, and I genuinely hope we see some stuff similar to these in the future of WoWs. I don't think premiums are absolutely necessary to represent nations in the game, but I really think they're an important part. At the end of it all though, if you took the time to read through this post, thanks a lot. I might make some more in depth post like this on my ideas for line splits if people enjoy this one. And sorry if the word choice is lacking, I'm typically a lurker and thought making a post like this would be fun.

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