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Least favorite submarine?

WorldOfWarships2 - Least favorite submarine?

I imagine many of us have gotten a chance to sail at least four of the five subs. What are you guys' least favorite subs?

Personally, I'd rank them from best to worst:

Killer Whale > Seelow > Barracuda > Zipper > Gerfalcon


Killer Whale is what I wished Gerfalcon would be.

I love the utility of Seelow. With the triple forward all damage torps, it's a great damage dealer. I much prefer those over freeze torps.

Barracuda is second because of it's all triple forward tubes, except one is freeze torps.


Zipper is a nice little sub but the long reload on the torps is a big trun off with only dual tubes.

Gerfalcon is my least favorite because of the one forward, two rear design. I feel as though it would be a much better sub if the rear tubes pointed straight backward, rather than at angles, forcing you to wiggle your ship to launch them. It would excel as a freeze, dive, pass under, surface, fire ship if it could.


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