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Lesser Known Theatres (Story #1): Ko Chang

WorldOfWarships2 - Lesser Known Theatres (Story #1): Ko Chang

Well hello everyone. It's time for another round of my non fictional stories. This time it will feature the lesser known naval battles of World War 2. Battles in theatres that do not involve the Pacific War, Battle of the Atlantic, Battle of the Mediterranean or actions of the Indian Ocean. That's right, I'm starting a 4 part mini series detailing the battles of each of these relatively unknown naval battles in unlikely locations. There will be no mystery narrator this time around so it's just me. Anyways, here is the first one on the list which is the Battle of Ko Chang.

Long before the Pacific War even began, there was another war known as the Franco-Thai War. With the French not doing too well against the invading Thai Army, they decided to launch a naval raid to sink some ships in Ko Chang. Thus, the Battle of Ko Chang began.

January 17, 1941, Near Ko Chang, Thailand

Lamotte-Picquet: You know the plan. I’ll head for the eastern part of the anchorage. Dumont d’Urville and Amiral Charner will continue to the centre position and Tahure & Marne head for the western side.

Dumont d’Urville: Understood, captain!

Amiral Charner: Seas are calm. This will be ideal for us in battle.

Marne: If we can get a victory here, our army might just stand a chance against the Thais.

Tahure: Have we gotten any word from our recon planes?

Lamotte-Picquet: The scouts from Ream are currently flying over the anchorage. They’re relaying the information now.

Loire 130: Bad news. We spotted two torpedo boats in port. We’ll try to do a bombing attack.

Dumont d’Urville: That doesn’t sound good. We can get swarmed if we get caught off guard.

Loire 130: They’re still asleep. Hopefully we can get the drop on them.

Chonburi: French aircraft above us!

Chantaburi: I see them. They’re trying to surprise us. Call in the AA!

Loire 130: There is too much anti air fire! Pulling away.

Lamotte-Picquet: Good thing we know what we are facing, but the Thai forces now know we are here. Defenses might be fierce.

Songhkla: Chonburi, we need to get going. We’re sitting ducks.

Chonburi: I’m trying!

Amiral Charner: Lamotte-Picquet! I see an enemy observation post!

Lamotte-Picquet: I see it. I will destroy it before they can relay their intel!

Observation post is destroyed

Chonburi: Oh no! Our way of communicating is destroyed!

Songhkla: We’ll have to stop them he- ARGH!!

Songhkla was destroyed

Chonburi: GAH!

Chonburi was sunk by Lamotte-Picquet

Dumont d’Urville: Good work boss. You sank those two boats with your superior gunfire.

Lamotte-Picquet: Thanks. Wait, I see someone over the horizon.

Marne: Who is it?

Lamotte-Picquet: Coastal defense ship spotted! It’s a Thonburi!

Tahure: That’s not good. She has larger guns than us.

Amiral Charner: Make sure not to get hit.


Thonburi: You there! Stop attacking my friends!

Lamotte-Picquet: I’m sorry but I’m just following my orders.

Thonburi: Then I’m going to have to force you to leave.

Marne: Whoa, watch out for her shells!

Lamotte-Picquet: Her accuracy could use some work. Just use the islets for cover.

Amiral Charner: Screw it. You don’t have to engage her alone. We’re helping you too.

Thonburi is set alight

Thonburi: Whoa! I can feel the heat. There’s too many of them going after me!

Lamotte-Picquet: C’mon steady…

Thonburi was hit by a shell from Lamotte-Picquet

Thonburi: Gah! That hurt. I’ll try shooting the sloops instead.

Amiral Charner: Help! She’s shooting at me!

Lamotte-Picquet: Don’t worry. I’ll distract her.

Thonburi: AHH! Aft turret out of action!? You did this…

Lamotte-Picquet: I got her attention Charner.

Amiral Charner: Thanks for the save.

Thonburi: Looks like I need to retreat to shallow waters.

Lamotte-Picquet: Firing a final salvo of torpedoes. She’s about to go behind that island too.

Thonburi: I’m safe but the damage is heavy. Looks like I have no choice but to ground.

Lamotte-Picquet: I think we left our mark. It’s time to return to base.

Marne: Look out! Thai aircraft ahead!

Tahure: Set up the AA defenses.

Lamotte-Picquet: Whoa, there’s a lot of them.

Thai bomber: AA is heavy. Let’s hope one of our bombs hit.

A bomb lands on Lamotte-Picquet

Lamotte-Picquet: I’m hit but the bomb failed to detonate. I’m okay everyone.

Dumont d’Urville: The planes are retreating. I think this battle is a win.

Lamotte-Picquet: That’s quite true. We sank 2 of their ships and maybe a third. Plus, a ground installation was destroyed. Only damage to us was a single plane lost and minor damage to myself.

After the battle

Chang: Thonburi, are you okay?

Thonburi: Heavy damage but I can be refloated again.

Chang: Don’t worry. I’ll tow you to Laem Ngop. Hopefully we can fix you up soon.

Thonburi: Thanks. It’s a shame we lost some ships. Maybe we can recover from our losses.

The result was a tactical victory for the French, but the strategy behind it was still disputed. The Japanese however wanted to take advantage of the situation and negotiated a peace treaty between the two states. It in the end, resulted in Thailand gaining some territory. The battle was all in vain for the French.

Alright, that's the first story. Second one will take place in the Black Sea and will be posted next week. This series will coincide with my other series, the Kaga Saga 2, so expect lots of content. Anyways, see you next time.

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