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PR, or personal rating, as defined on
rating - Let's talk about PR,

"The Personal Rating is measure of skill in World of Warships. It measures performance in every warship and compares it to certain expected values. Differences between actual and expected values are used to calculate final Personal Rating value."

Imagine you are a beginner, having only played 500 games, and one day a friend or even some dude in the in game chat starts shaming you about your pr. Confused as to what pr is, you look up on google "world of warships pr", and you get to a stat page. Upon typing your name, you see a page of mostly red or orange numbers.

This is exactly the experience I had, and I am sure many of you have had this or a similar experience to this when first finding out what pr was. From here, it is an uphill struggle. As you play more games, the more you start to check your pr, until you start to check you pr after every game session, or in some cases after every game.

For me personally, it has gotten to a point where me having fun in this game is directly tied to whether or not (by my standards) I achieved a good pr day. The bad part about this is each game becomes extremely stressful, and any bad games (which are bound to happen at least once per session) make me feel excessively distraught. I know that I am not the only one that feels this way, I know many friends and clan mates who have also expressed feelings similar to mine.

The unfortunate consequence is that I am now afraid to play ships that sink my pr. For example, I found the itallian cruiser line to be fun to play, but I always had that feeling that my pr was going in a sinkhole. Looking back at it, I would have had MUCH more fun grinding that line if I had never discovered what pr was.

I believe that overall pr is not an accurate indicator of skill, and that it should NOT be treated as such. The reason for this is that there are so many ways to artificially bump up your pr without having the skill to back the numbers up:

  1. playing low tier ships can heavily inflate your pr, because a majority of the games played at low tier are by new players, thus giving an experienced player a huge boost as compared to higher tiers
  2. being good at playing destroyers will heavily inflate your pr; a good destroyer main will always be one foot ahead then a battleship in the pr department. This is due to the fact that bad destroyer play is punished HEAVILY as compared to bad battleship play, leading to the damage floor of dds to be absolute 0 while for BBs it is around 10-20k.
  3. playing old or historical ship lines such as any of the usn lines, the ijn destroyers, or the russian destroyers
  4. reroll accounts (all the non reroll accounts had to make up for thier first 1k red games, while the reroll accounts dont)

And lastly, many clans use pr as a factor or requirement for allowing members into their clan. This results in additional stress while playing warships, and it encourages people to use the 4 methods of bumping up pr as mentioned above (I myself am guilty of some of them). Additionally, being good at randoms and being able to farm a lot of damage does not always allude to a player being amazing at clan battles, nor does being good at clan battles mean that one is good at randoms.


I remember watching a twitch stream, in which well known streamer and o7 clan commander bfk_ferlyfe said: "When you are in a competitive clan, and once you have proven that you are a good comp player, nobody cares about your random battles play. However, in order to get into a good clan, you would generally need excellent randoms stats"

We need to either improve the pr system to reflect one's overall skill more accurately, or stop being so pr obsessed and give people a chance to prove their worth in competitive.

In any case, the bigger issue here is the stat shaming of new players that I see on a regular basis. We as a community need to STOP STAT SHAMING PEOPLE ABOUT THIER PR.


Man, this turned out to be way longer then I thought it would be 😛

Obligatory stats link to back up some of the claims made in this post:,rhulkb27/

I am by no means a great player, just always looking to improve.


Edit: It is evident that I was not clear on my point about clans using pr for recruitment. In order to not make this post longer then it already is, I will link this comment and follow up where I explain my thoughts about it more in detail:

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