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Let’s talk about Russian Gun Bias (feat. Slava)

WorldOfWarships6 - Let's talk about Russian Gun Bias (feat. Slava)

Can we take a moment to acknowledge and think about how Wargaming as utterly, blatantly biased the guns on Russian ships?

Russian guns are, inarguably, by far the best guns in the game. They hit harder, they hit way faster, and in most cases much more accurately than any other nation. It's just gotten more and more ridiculous.

We all know Stalingrad has by far the hardest hitting 12 inch guns in the game. It hits about as hard as a North Carolina 16 incher. Kron and Stalin are the fastest shells out to any distance in the game, despite other countries having much larger shells. Stalin also has a laughable 2.65 sigma on great dispersion. For reference, the difference in sigma from Stalingrad to second best big guns, Yamato (2.1), is about the difference between Yamato and the worst Sigma in the game (Fuso, 1.5). But we let Stalingrad pass without enough of an uproar, and the next step is worse:

Slava's 406mm guns penetrate significantly more than Yamato's 460mm guns. It has 650mm of pen at 14km, compared with 598 for Yamato. It's crazy. It's a much smaller shell, but somehow it has that level of power.

That's not all however. Slava's 16inchers reach 20km in only 9.7 seconds, compared to 11.6 for Yamato, and an amazing 12.3 for Montana's comparable 16 inch shells. This makes Slava insanely braindead to lead and predict at all ranges compared to any other ship.

And let's throw the trifecta – Slava's Russian made guns are also more accurate than any other battleship. Much more accurate. Wat. And Wargaming is going to reduce the number of repair parties instead of nerfing the ridiculously broken guns, repair parties that it won't use because it has a lead time of less than 10 seconds while sniping safely from 20 km and landing more hits than other battleships at 15km. It also means the enemy team must focus the far-away (fragile) Slava over any other ship, otherwise the BB with 2x the offensive power of a BB will delete your team. This is excellent game design, just great, WG.


Many players don't give enough of a thought to the power of shell velocity. It's one of the biggest buffs you can get to your offensive power. It makes sure even potatoes won't fail to lead. It means veterans won't be able to dodge in time. Montana has 25% more leadtime than Slava, over 2.5 seconds more at 20km. That's a world of difference for the same caliber guns.

What magic makes these Russian guns so significantly superior to any other country? Were all of the other nations' engineers derping around and purposely making guns that aren't close to maximum capabilities? Why did navies IRL even make the jump from 12 inch to 14 inch, when a 12 inch could penetrate just as well as a 16 inch? Or if a 16 inch could penetrate even more than a 18 inch shell? Keep in mind that the Russians never even made any of these glorious ships, nor had very much experience in shipbuilding with large guns in general. Compared to the British and Americans who learned and adapted from generations of gun-making results.

Why is it that almost every other nations' shells remain within about the same (vaguely historical) parameters, but Russian guns jump up from those accepted parameters significantly? Every Russian gun is much easier to use and overperforms compared to a counterpart from any other nation in the world.

I want to respond to the WG employee (you know who you are) who asked a few months ago "Do you really think we have Russian bias?" Well, unless you can show me the proof where every Russian made gun shoots 20% faster and harder shells than any similar American or foreign made gun, then I would have respond with a definite "Yes, there is no doubt that you have a significant, almost cartoonish bias on Russian ships and technology."

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