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List of ships in development November 2020

WorldOfWarships6 - List of ships in development November 2020

Having a reread of this excellent post from September 2019 by
Saltzier - List of ships in development November 2020

/Saltzier/ about upcoming ships.

The majority of those listed have now been released or are imminent so I've tried to make a updated list with links to them being announced. Note later dev blogs might tweak the initial stats.

Kitakami, Ise, Tone and Leone all got dragged out of limbo. Kitakami might go *back* into limbo. Maya looks to be a ARP clone.

Any I've missed?

The Italian Battleship Tech Tree Line

IV Dante Alighieri

V Conte di Cavour

VI Andrea Doria

VII Francesco Caracciolo

VIII Vittorio Veneto

VIX Lepanto

X Cristoforo Colombo

(& premium Marco Polo below)

Premium Ships

Tier VI Italian Destroyer Leone Entered Supertest in 0.7.12, dev blog occasionally mentions tweaks.

Tier VI Commonwealth cruiser Mysore

Tier VII Japanese Battleship (hybrid) Ise

Tier VII French Battleship Strasbourg

Tier VIII Pan Asian Destroyer Fen Yang

Tier VIII Japanese Cruiser (hybrid) Tone

Tier IX German destroyer Z-44

Tier IX Italian Battleship Marco Polo

Tier IX Japanese Battleship Hizen (December's Dockyard)

Tier X Commonwealth Destroyer Vampire II

Tier X British Cruiser Plymouth

Tier X German Carrier Werner Voss

Tier X Russian Destroyer DD R-10 and wiki.

Tier X Japanese Cruiser Kitakami

Tier VIII Russian Battleship Borodino is on the wiki here. Unsure when it was announced.


Pan-American Tier II cruiser Almirante Abreu – Albany with unique horn sound! I think it's the first sub tier V premium ship released since Dreadnought 2 years ago.

Tier VIII Japanese Cruiser Maya – Atago Clone?

Tier X Japanese Battleship ARP Yamato – Yamato clone with special ship bonuses?

Taken from Saltzier's life-time "vapor-ships" section:

Tier V British Battleship Agincourt – Available in WoWS Blitz

Tier VI British Cruiser Sirius – Available in WoWS Blitz


Tier VII American Battleship West Virginia (1944) – Available in WoWS Blitz

Tier X Japanese Cruiser Osore – An interpretation planned for and kitbashed (Zao hull + Akizuki turrets) by the Chinese server/publishers of the Japanese AA cruiser project

Tier IX Japanese Carrier Shinano – Penultimate carrier during the Alpha phase, with Taiho at X, then removed due to balancing problems (massive health/armor vs low hangar capacity) with Taiho moved down one Tier and Hakuryu added as X, since scrapped from the game files


Old mention from this news article from August 2019. Obviously might change.

"The submarine tree will be built the same way as the aircraft carrier tree: with submarines at even tiers only. The first researchable submarine will appear at Tier VI. This is in part because spreading ships between tiers allows us to balance them more easily within their respective match-making brackets, and in part to have a better differentiation between the initially implemented designs.

Germany, the Soviet Union, and the United States will be the first nations to enter testing. Japan will be next in line for introduction into the game."

Tier VI German Submarine U-69 – In public testing and submarine battles mode

Tier VI American Submarine Cachalot – In public testing and submarine battles mode

Tier VI Soviet Submarine S-4 – In public testing and submarine battles mode

Tier VIII German Submarine U-190 – In internal testing

Tier VIII American Submarine Salmon – In internal testing

Tier VIII Soviet Submarine L-1 – In internal testing

Tier X German Submarine U-2501 – In internal testing

Tier X American Submarine Balao – In internal testing

Tier X Soviet Submarine K-1 – In internal testing

Premium Submarines:

Tier VIII Soviet Submarine S-189 – In internal testing

Tier X American Submarine Gato – In internal testing

Tier X German Submarine U-4501 – In internal testing

Tier ?? Japanese Submarine I-58 – In internal testing

Outstanding CVs removed in 0.8.0

This very
old news article mentioned the following on the CVs that were removed. To my knowledge nothing has been heard since.

What will happen to the carriers from uneven tiers?

The main reason behind the temporary removal of uneven tiers is that they are too similar to their adjacent tiers and offer little difference in terms of gameplay.

Once the gameplay update is in effect and after some time has passed, we plan to release alternative branches of aircraft carriers. This will mean bringing back all, or almost all of the carriers removed due to the ship type being reworked.

We also intend to make different gameplay for the alternative branches focusing on other ways to impact a battle, considering unique approaches to victory and interaction with both allies and enemies. The word "different" can imply an array of diverse options. Alternative ships could concentrate more on helping their allies rather than dealing damage, for example, they might provide better spotting. It's possible that some aircraft types from alternative branches will be able to set small smoke screens, thus enabling them to save an allied cruiser from heavy shelling. Maybe they will even have the ability to help an allied battleship fight any fires that might be on board. Or perhaps even, some aircraft will gain the ability to land on water and capture control points, although they will be very easy to destroy. The options are numerous and we have listed only a small portion of them, but please do understand that these are auxiliary possibilities, that would be designed to accompany inflicting damage, as opposed to replacing it.

It’s very likely that alternative aircraft carriers will be more difficult to play on than ships with strike squadrons. But in several months they could certainly become an excellent choice for those who have mastered the reworked gameplay by then and want to try new options.

Tier V American Carrier Bogue – Planned for alternative carrier line?

Tier VI American Carrier Independence – Planned for alternative carrier line?

Tier IX American Carrier Essex – Planned for alternative carrier line?

Tier V Japanese Carrier Zuiho – Planned for alternative carrier line?

Tier VIII Japanese Carrier Hiryu – Planned for alternative carrier line?

Tier X Japanese Carrier Taiho – Planned for alternative carrier line?

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