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List of undocumented CV changes in WoWs v0.9.9 (by EU “El2aZeR”)…

WorldOfWarships4 - List of undocumented CV changes in WoWs v0.9.9 (by EU "El2aZeR")...

Hi all,

List of undocumented CV changes in WoWs v0.9.9 (by EU "El2aZeR")…

On behalf of the "El2aZeR" (one of the best CV players on EU):,El2aZeR/

Here is his EU Forum thread:

"List of undocumented CV changes in 0.9.9"

– Bailing attack wings now need to reach and cruise at the same altitude as bailed main squads. This is actually very significant as it makes them a lot more vulnerable to flak on the way out.

– Behavior when attacking over islands has severely changed, planes now keep the higher altitude for much longer resulting in more forward aim.

– All planes now have extremely fast mouse aim which previously only Enterprise and KM rocket planes had. This makes them extremely responsive and capable of adjusting without much if any accuracy loss.

– Rocket trajectory has been changed to be slightly steeper which makes them a bit less reliable.

– There is a noticeably longer delay between TB attack and the torps actually hitting the water, requiring the CV player to aim more forward than before.

– RNG for torpedo spacing has been introduced. For squads that drop only 2 it is typically hilariously tight now, making them undodgeable even if bow on. In general the spacing of the outer two torpedoes cannot be higher than it was prior to 0.9.9, it can only be tighter. Where the middle torps go is entirely up to RNG on everything except Midway and FDR as both drop so many packed so tight (when dropped with reasonable accuracy) that they have no ch?oice but to go straight in a fairly "normal" pattern.

– IJN DB dive has been changed to be extremely weird. Dispersion has likewise been nerfed, it would seem that the bombs now prefer to go to the edge of the reticle rather than the middle which is a significant nerf to their performance and makes them little different in reliability compared to KM AP DBs.


– catapult fighters take off time has been severely increased, meaning that you have to activate them well in advance now if you want them to aggro. This is a significant nerf to the consumable. Note that this does not apply to the CV CAP.

– fighter aggro time in general seems to extend well beyond what the game displays, taking about an additional 2 seconds or so to actually start pursuing after the indicator turns red. They also seem to need to get closer to actually engage. This is another significant nerf to all fighters, including catapult launched ones, in their air-to-air role.

– fighter DPS has been severely nerfed to the point where a second attack even with fighters aggro'd and dealing damage is typically possible and heal will actually save most, if not all of your planes. Guess what, another nerf to fighters. Fun, no?

– catapult and CAP fighters now immediately despawn once the "mothership" has been killed. *Insert "another one" meme here*

– the position in which CV consumable fighters fly in from is now random.

– AA range now seems to take into account the positioning of your planes rather than the median position of your entire squad. Essentially that means if e.g. only your left most plane enters an AA aura, your squad will start taking damage whereas as far as I know previously the "middle of your squad" needed to be in range. This is technically speaking a buff to AA range but in practice kinda negligible.

– The first 2 – 3 flak walls no longer seem to really hit high speed squadrons. Yes, that means if you're speeding through flak with a fast squadron it will apparently simply not deal any damage. Don't ask me why. Here's a video to demonstrate:

Do please note that I haven't personally trialed this in an actual match, but have heard from others that it works just fine outside of the training room. Also note again that it requires a FAST squadron. Slow planes like Enterprise TBs/DBs don't work.

– according to datamining bomb fall speed has been changed to be faster, though in practice I haven't noticed much of a difference.

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