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List of Unique, Historical ships that have not yet been added to the game, but should be. (Minus CVs)

WorldOfWarships2 - List of Unique, Historical ships that have not yet been added to the game, but should be. (Minus CVs)

I was only really looking at WWII-and-beyond-era ships, so there are probably a ton of WWI-era ships missing.


  • USS Juneau (CLAA-19): Turret layout is simular to Worcester's. Has heavier mid-range AA. Tier VI-VIII, depending on the gimmicks and stats.
  • Porter-class Destroyer: 4 x 2 5”38 guns (not DP). Could fit in at Tier VIII.
  • Forrest Sherman-class Destroyer (3 x 5”/54 MK42 guns,1.5 second reload. American Friesland? Tier IX.
  • Mitscher-class Destroyer. 2 x 5”/54 MK42 guns. AA would be insane owing to its DP mounts and the 4 3”/70 AA (think Minotaur) guns it had. Tier VIII.
  • USS Northampton (CLC-1) – Questionable choice. 4 x 1 5”/54 MK42 guns (40 RPM) on a Baltimore hull. I have no idea where to place this abomination.
  • USS Timmerman – 43 knot Gearing
  • USS Norfolk (DL-1) (Very, Very, Questionable): 4 x 2 3”/70 guns, 90-100 RPM. Wouldn’t be able to pen shit but would be funny to see. (Fun fact: this ship’s theoretical HE DPM is 960k. Fun.) Tier X.


  • IJN Oyodo: Only 6 155 mm guns. It could fit in at Tiers V-VI.
  • Matsu-class destroyer. 3 x 1 5”/50 DP guns, 4 second reload. Tier V.
  • Akizuki-class destroyer (1959): Basically a Harekaze C hull.


  • Weapon-class destroyer. Tier V.
  • C-class destroyer: Tier VI.
  • W and Z-class destroyer: Tier VI.
  • U and V-class destroyer: Tier VII.
  • HMS Abdiel: Minelayer designed to reach 40 knots of speed. 3 x 4 4”/50 guns with 20 RPM. Could work as a mid-tier CL or highish tier DD.
  • HMS Tiger: Mini-Taur. 2 x 2 6” guns, the same ones used on Minotaur. Historically these guns could fire at up to 22 RPM. It could go anywhere from tiers VI to VIII depending on the gimmicks.
  • HMS Dido – You know the drill.
  • R-class Battleships: Probably would be a Tier VI.
  • HMS Repulse and Renown – WeeGee pls.
  • HMS Tiger (Battlecruiser): Could fit in at Tier V.


  • Le Hardi-class Destroyer: 3 x 2 130 mm guns, 4 second reload. Tier VIII
  • T-47 and T-53-class Destroyers: 3 x 2 Marceau guns. Tier IX
  • French Destroyer Châteaurenault: 3 x 2 105 mm guns, 3.4 second reload. It was unique in that all 12 torpedo tubes were located on the bow, meaning it could fire all 12 bow-on. 41 knots of speed. Tier IX FXP ship.


  • Soviet Cruiser Krasnyi Kavkaz: 4 x 1 180 mm railguns. Tier IV.
  • Soviet destroyer Opytny: 3 x 1 130 mm guns. 6 second reload. Tier IV.
  • Kotlin-class destroyer: Neustrashimy but with Grozovoi AA. Tier IX.


  • Ning Hai-class cruiser: 3 x 2 140 mm guns. Tier III at best.
  • Etna-class Cruiser (NB): 3 x 2 152 mm guns. Tier IV at best.


I made an entire post about a DD tree here. TL;DR: Do you want a Smaland with an extra turret and Harugumo DPM at tier IX? Well I have just the nation for you.

  • ARA Veinticinco de Mayo: Tier V Heavy Cruiser
  • ARA La Argentina: 9 6”/50 guns, 6 second reload. RIP Nurnberg. Tier VI Light Cruiser.

Pan-Europe: There is an absoute fuck-ton. Spain could potentially be a separate nation, but we’re talking about real ships here.

  • HNLMS Tromp: 3 x 2 150 mm guns. As a cruiser, Tier III, as a destroyer, Tier VII-VIII
  • HNLMS Jacob van Heemskerck: 5 x 2 102 mm guns, 3 second reload. No torpedoes. Can only fire all five guns at once if the target is at range, similar to Colbert. As a cruiser, tier IV, as a destroyer, tier X with a hydro gimmick or something.
  • HDMS Peder Skram: 2 x 2 5”/38 guns, 3 second reload. 2 single tube torpedos per side. Tier VI destroyer. Would exist solely to flip Tier VI CVs off.
  • Mode-class destroyer: 3 x 1 105 mm DP guns. Tier III. Best-in Tier AA.
  • Oquendo-class destroyers: 2 x 2 120 mm/50 DP guns, 4 second reload. Same mid-range AA as Friesland. Tier VIII. Alternatively, 3 x 2 5"/38 DP guns, 3.0 second reload. No mid range AA. Also Tier VIII.
  • Beograd-class destroyer: Tier V.
  • Yugoslav destroyer Dubrovnik: Tier VI.
  • Yugoslav Destroyer Split: 5 x 1 140 mm guns, 6 second reload. Tier VIII.
  • HSwMS Gotland- Aviation cruiser. Tier IV. Could have a B-Hull that sacrifices all aviation capabilities and 2 152 mm guns for no less than 13 Bofors 40mm/70 mounts, which means it would have over 400 AA DPS. At Tier IV. KEKW.
  • HNLMS Java – Tier IV
  • Spanish Cruiser Méndez Núñes: Mini-lanta. 7 x 1 Vickers 120 mm DP guns that could fire at up to 20 rounds per minute. Tier VI.
  • Spanish Cruiser Almirante Cervera: Better Emerald. 4 x 2 152 mm guns, heavier broadside than the Emerald. Tier VI.
  • Spanish Cruiser Canarias: Tiers VI-VIII depending on which refit is used. It had 12 torpedoes too, meaning there is some potential for some torpedo memes.
  • HSwMS Tre Kronor. Tier VI to VII, depending on which refit is used and how fast the guns fire.
  • HNLMS De Zeven Provinciën: 4 x 2 DP 152 mm guns, 4 second reload. At Tier IX, it would out-DPM every single same-tier cruiser. The long range AA aura would stretch out to 6.9 km, and the mid-range (4.0 km) AA DPS would be around 553, higher than even the Minotaur’s a tier higher.


  • Hamburg-class Destroyer: 4 x 1 100 mm DP guns, 1 (yup) second reload. Also, 8 Bofors 40 mm/70 guns. Bye-bye planes. Only 2 Torpedo tubes per side. Tier X.
  • Koln-class Frigate: 2 x 1 100 mm DP guns, 1 second reload. Only one torpedo tube per side. Tier VI


I will make a separate post about this later, but I believe that two lines of Italian Destroyers could eventually be added:

“Traditional” (not really) line:

II: Indomito-class destroyer

III: Sella-class destroyer

IV: Sauro-class destroyer

V: Turbine-class destroyer

VI: Maestrale-class destroyer PREMIUM: Navigatori-class destroyer

VII: Soldati II-Class Destroyer

VIII: Maestrale Potenziato-class destroyer

IX: Impetuoso-class destroyer

X: Italian Destroyer San Giorgio

“Heavy” Line:

VIII: Comandanti Medaglie d'Oro-class destroyer

IX: UP 39 (P.E clone)

X: Capitani Romani-Class

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