World of Warships

List of what you can get in the Santa crates this year

WorldOfWarships4 - List of what you can get in the Santa crates this year

2,000 doubloons

12,500 Coal

20x New Year Streamer camo

5x Mosaic camo

5x Asian Lantern camo

5x Spring Sky camo

30x special Dragon signals

30x special Red Dragon signals

30x special Wyvern signals

30x special Hydra signals

30x special Ouroboros signals

30x special Basilisk signals

30x special Scylla signals

30x special Leviathan signals

Tier IX Missouri

Tier VII Belfast

Tier VIII Mikhail Kutuzov

Tier VI Giulio Cesare

Tier V Gremyashchy

Tier V Kamikaze

Tier IV Imperator Nikolai I

Tier VIII Alabama

Tier IX Kronshtadt

Tier IX Musashi

Tier VIII Gascogne

Tier VIII Kii

Tier VIII Massachusetts

Tier VIII Roma

Tier VIII Tirpitz

Tier VIII Atago

Tier VIII Prinz Eugen

Tier VIII Asashio

Tier VIII Kidd

Tier VIII Le Terrible

Tier VIII Loyang

Tier VII Ashitaka

Tier VII Duke of York

Tier VII Hood

Tier VII Scharnhorst

Tier VII Atlanta

Tier VII Boise

Tier VII Duca degli Abruzzi

Tier VII Nueve de Julio

Tier VII Błyskawica

Tier VII Haida

Tier VII Leningrad

Tier VII Sims

Tier VII Z-39

Tier VI Arizona

Tier VI Dunkerque

Tier VI Mutsu

Tier VI Warspite

Tier VI Admiral Graf Spee

Tier VI De Grasse

Tier VI Duca d'Aosta

Tier VI Huanghe

Tier VI Molotov

Tier VI Perth

Tier VI Aigle

Tier VI Anshan

Tier VI Gallant

Tier VI Monaghan

Tier VI T-61

Tier V Texas

Tier V Marblehead

Tier V Murmansk

Tier V Krasny Krym

Tier V Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya

Tier V Okhotnik

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