World of Warships

Looking for other Captains with similar libraries

WorldOfWarships6 - Looking for other Captains with similar libraries


TheHumanHighlighter here (most call me 'Lighter for short)

I'm starting to settle into adult life as of late and since my schedule has become more stable (and empty thanks to COVID) and for some reason all of my friends literally only play League, I realized "wow I have a lot of stuff collecting dust on my steam library"

WOWS was one of my first choices when I decided to get off League, I also had a few other games in mind.

Notably: Titanfall 2, Elite: Dangerous, ROTMG , Planetary Annihilation, Terraria, DayZ, and Insurgency Sandstorm. (And 40+ others)

As you can see I play pretty much everything, MMO, Sim games, FPS, RTS, Survival, Etc…

I know this seems sidetracked, but I want to find people with similar interests and tastes so I thought I'd provide examples of what I'm into, and if it isn't apparent already, everything I play can be categorized under 2 genres: Open world and competitive PVP.

I've already tried going on "find gamer pals" places but all of them are dead and 90% of the people there are children who googled "I wanb to plagy vidbo gambe with friend" so I supposed the next logical step is going to all of the communities for the games I love and asking for some company.

I'm not quite high tier on WOWS because I dropped my old account and made a new one linked to my steam in 2018, but I've found the lines that I want to grind and gotten them all to tier 6. I'm not a potato and have a 52(3?)% WR in random battles and I've done quite a bit of reading and research on how to play the game ever since I (kind of) got back into it and seen my gameplay improve.

As for the other games, I'm going to assume you have some interest in my post if you've read this far so here are some details you might want to know:


– I'm midwest U.S. timezone and I work nightshift meaning I'll usually be asleep during the day but awake during the early morning or late night.

– I don't rage or tilt over games but I can still occasionally mock getting angry for humorous intent.

– I'm highly sarcastic, ironic, and offensive compared to your average person but not in an ostentatiously edgy manner. More of the occasional dark humor/ innuendo thrown in with high-quality mic shitposting.

-I usually prefer to approach games by optimizing controllable factors and then tackling my own faults and gameplay, I'm not what you'd call a 4-fun player but that doesn't mean we can't fuck around at all.

Anyways enough about me here's a screenshot of my library:

Note: any of the games crossed out are because either they got shut down/don't have servers anymore or I simply don't want to support the devs/ don't enjoy the game anymore.

If you have any interests/libraries similar to my own (preferably a few so we can switch it up if we want to play something besides 1 game) I'm basically online at the very least a few hours every single day so HMU and we can hopefully play and have some fun.

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