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182497 player controlled aa flak - Manual AA ConceptHello, A little while back I made a post on NA WOWs Forum on a hypothetical AA rework. I got some feedback but not enough so I figured I would add bring discussion here. I belive that WG decision of not adding manual AA is a mistake because I believe that Manual AA is the keystone in CV balancing. I'll copy pasta the post here for any EU/Other guys while also providing link to the NA post.

Carriers bring a unique flavor to the game. Their ability to attack from anywhere is a unique ability and can help win games. With the CV rework carrier was supposed to bring balance to game from their previous dominant RTS style mechanics. However clearly this is not the case. Issue with carriers are many, but I want to focus on subject matter that matters most. Anti aircraft Flak.

Right now aircraft flak is controlled by RNG. This is a big issue in carrier balancing because its up to the game to decide whether an airstrike succeeds or fails. This brings player frustration of either "My AA does nothing" or to the carrier player "AA is too strong". In ship vs ship combat player are able to actively and skillfully avoid and deal damage to other. If a battleship shoots a cruiser, the cruiser can simply turn his ship to avoid the shells, and while the battleship is on reload counter attack with a full broadside. Rinse Repeat. However in plane vs ship interaction. the thing the ship play can do is dodge, and press 2 buttons to increase AA DPS. What happens between that engagement is up to the dice roll. There is no skillful counterplay against the planes for the ship player but his RNG AA.

I have a suggestion that can help remedy that. Please forget about other carrier issues like spotting as that is not the main concern.

I suggest that heavy anti aircraft flak be manually controlled by player. With manual AA flak, player will gain the ability to skillfully defend their ship from air attack, while also letting the carrier player to skillfully attempt a strike on the ship player. The outcome of this carrier vs ship engagement will based on the skill of either the carrier or the ship.

Some of you will argue, what you suggest will be too complex for a casual game like WoWs. It won't and I will explain why and post a "concept image" on how this mechanic would work in the spoiler below.



Players will only control the heavy AA flak, and the small machine guns will remain as an RNG/DPS component. The players flak will be the players main source of carrier counterplay/defence. Controlling AA flak will be the same as using your gun turrets. To use your flak gus you would press a key (SHIFT for example) and you will enter "AA mode". Your guns will remain where you last aimed them while you are using AA. (For most ships) To fire you flak at incoming aircraft you would aim your Aimbox at the enemy planes. You then click your mouse button and you fire off a salvo of flak shells. Those flak shells will continue to fly until it hits a set distance where it will explode, unless it near or hits an aircraft where it will explode. When you are finished you press that same key (SHIFT in our example) and you will be back to cannon mode.

 Many ships have many different caliber of flak guns. To make this system simple, all flak guns on that ship will have the same range. Meaning a 3 inch flak gun will have the same range as 6 inch flak gun. The difference between the caliber will be the amount of alpha that flak gun produces. Rate of fire can be different but by holding down the mouse button you can spew flak as fast as the next gun reloads.

This concept may seem complex but it won't be. If a manual AA system similar to this was to be implemented it would be awkward to get used to at first, but it will easily become second nature. Some of you may argue that this addition would would be too much if you are focusing dodging and firing you guns. Sure but skill can overcome that.

Manual AA with flak can add so much more depth to the game. Ships with dual purpose guns like Fleterch, Akizuki, Gearing will be able to defend themselves when out solo but also consider when to use their flak since they are using their main guns to shoot planes. Ships can become more independent and not rely bunching together to avoid carrier strike. As I said before, there are other issues with carriers, but if we want to balance the class meaningfully, we should focus on player controlled flak. otherwise the system will never be balanced.

Thank You For Reading. 

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