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Manual Fire Control for Secondaries needs changing

WorldOfWarships7 - Manual Fire Control for Secondaries needs changing

Disclaimer: I am by no means at all an experienced player. In fact, some may still consider me (relatively) new. Feel free to shit on any suggestions if they're idiotic.

Manual Fire Control (MFC); the 4 point captain skill that makes secondaries actually usuable. Two things bother me about this skill. Firstly, this skill is in my experience mandatory to make a secondary build do more than scare off destroyers. Secondly, using this perk will make half your secondaries (sometimes less than half depending on the ship) useless at any given time, as you can only shoot at one target at a time. In what world would half a deck of secondary guns be unused if there are ships to shoot at at that side?

I like the targeting system, however the skill needs changes. These changes would really help out secondaries and is just one step in the process of fixing secondaries.

So my suggestions are as followed:

  1. Bake MFC into the secondary system. Remove it as a perk, anyone should have it. This frees up some skill points to put towards making you survive for longer than 2 minutes.

  2. Make the effect of MFC (or the baked in version) scale up depending on the tier instead of a set %. This makes secondaries more effective the higher tier the ship is, instead of the set -60% dispersion from tier 7 onwards. Tier 10 can be upwards to -80% or maybe even more.

  3. Allow the secondaries to be used when nothing is targeted while you have (baked in) MFC, but without the dispersion buff. This makes you aware of anything that has entered secondary range, allowing you to target it to get the dispersion buff faster, while not being able to destroy its career before you even noticed it was there.

  4. Allow the unused side of the secondaries to fire at anything within range without the dispersion buff, while the other side is shooting at a targeted enemy with the dispersion buff. It just makes more sense and looks cool. Secondaries that can shoot to both sides will naturally prioritize targeted enemies.

Pick one, pick all. These are just some suggestions to make secondaries great again. There are other issues with secondaries, like them shooting armor belts at close range, but that's for another day.

I am aware that this may be an indirect nerf to Destroyers. Stealth torpedoing should be easier when the CVs are sorted out but DDs may need some tweaking to make up for any game changing secondary buffs.

Let me know what y'all think of these suggestions and leave some of your own 🙂

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