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Matchmaking and CV’s-a statistical analysis after 100 matches

WorldOfWarships6 - Matchmaking and CV's-a statistical analysis after 100 matches

So after hanging out around here for the last 9 months, the 2 main sources of discontent in the game seem to pretty consistently be CV's, and the matchmaking system. People are generally unhappy with being uptiered and especially since the rework, the CV population has exploded, making it seem like there are at least one and sometimes 2 CV's in every match. I decided to keep stats for 100 matches, playing every tier from V to X, and see how often I was up or downtiered and also see how many battles included CV's. Hopefully some good info will come of this, and maybe you can compare it to your own experiences. By tier-

TIER V-19 battles played

Top tier 9 times (47%), bottom tier 10 times (53%). No real mid tiers at TV due to protected MM for TIV.

14 of 19 battles (74%) had CV's, and of those 7, or 50%, were double CV matches. Most of the time these were TIV cv's, only once did I face 2 TVI CV's.

Takeaway-T5 is either feast or famine, you will either be fairly comfortable or facing ships that are way out of your league. Planes rule this tier but CV's are relatively weak, and aside from spotting don't really control the match as much as in later tiers.

TIER VI-15 battles played

Top tier 3 times (20%), mid tier 6 times (40%), bottom tier 6 times (40%)

14 of 15 battles (93%) had CV's, 6 of 14 (43%) were double CV matches.

Takeaway-T6 is tough, top tier games are rare but you are usually better equipped to handle T7 and T8 ships. Hope you like planes, because this is the most active tier for CV battles. God help you if you are a TVI DD and end up in a double CV game with radar cruisers.

TVII-18 battles played

Top tier 6 times (33%), mid tier 9 times (50%), bottom tier 3 times (17%)

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9 of 18 battles had CV's (50%), 2 of 9 (22%) were double CV matches


Takeaway-if you want to avoid CV's, this is the tier that has the best chance. It's actually fairly rare to be bottom tier at T7.

TVIII-17 battles played

Top tier 7 times (41%), mid tier 3 times (18%), bottom tier 7 times (41%)

13 of 17 battles had CV's (76%) , 2 of 13 (15%) were double CV matches

Takeaway-this is the tier that has the worst reputation for uptiering, but statistically it was exactly split between clubbing T6's and fighting for your life against T10's. I feel like there is some confirmation bias going on, because frankly being uptiered sucks at T8 and those matches can leave a sour taste in your mouth. Plenty of CV's at this tier, and half the time they are T10's that will make you life difficult and laugh at your AA.

TIX-15 battles played

Top tier 4 times (27%), mid tier 11 times (73%)

11 of 15 battles had CV's (73%), there were no double CV matches

Takeaway-it's pretty unlikely to be top tier in your T9, and while CV's are common they are a good mix of T8 and T10.

TX-16 battles played

Always top tier of course, but what I took away most is that I never had an exclusive T10 match, and only had a few that were limited to T9-10. Almost always at least one poor T8.

12 of 16 battles had CV's (75%), there were no double CV matches.


T7 has the fewest CV's. Double CV matches are thankfully rare from T7 up. T6 has CV's in nearly every match. T8 is more balanced than it seems, but when you get uptiered it hurts the most.

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