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Maximum Dakka: A (semi) Serious proposal for Pan-American Destroyers

WorldOfWarships7 - Maximum Dakka: A (semi) Serious proposal for Pan-American Destroyers

General Characteristics

These destroyers will have:

– Average/mediocre speed/maneuverability

– No speed boost.

– Short lasting smokes, similar to German DDs

– Mediocre concealment.

– Anemic Torpedo armament, with low speed and range, with average damage, and a very limited amount of tubes.

– No repair party.

– Super toxic to the game

In exchange they will have:

– High rates of fire with absurd DPM.

-Powerful AA, beaten only by the Pan-European DDs.

– Good Ballistics. (at least for the T9 and 10s)


– 0 (zero) paper ships!


Smoke Generator (3 charges) 20s action time, 60 second dispersion time.


If you haven't guessed, these will probably be gunboats first and foremost, with torpedoes being secondary to the guns.

You will probably want to take IFHE on these ships, as some of them will not be able to pen 19mm without it.

Keep in mid this is the first proposal I've ever written up, so this post won't be perfect. If you have any suggestions, just comment below.

Lets get started:

Paraguayan Gunboat Paraguay (Humaitá-class gunboat)

Dimensions: 230ft long, 35ft wide

Displaces 853 tons.

HP: 7200

Speed: 18 knots

Armament: 4×1 Ansaldo 4.7-inch (120 mm)

T2: Pará-class destroyer

Dimensions: 240ft long, 23ft wide.

Displaces 570 tons.

HP: 6000

Speed: 27 knots

Armament: 2 × 4 in (102 mm) guns

2×1 460mm Torpedo tubes

Reload: 32 seconds

Argentine Destroyer Catamarca (Catamarca-Class Destroyer)

Dimensions: 285 feet long, 24 feet wide

Displaces 995 tons standard, 1357 tons full

HP: Hull A: 7900. Hull B: 9500

Speed: 27 knots

Armament: 4×1 102mm/50 Bethlehem-Vickers guns

4×1 single 533mm Torpedo tubes

Chilean Destroyer Almirante Lynch (Almirante Lynch-class Destroyer)

Dimensions: 331ft long, 32ft wide

Displaces 1453 tons standard, 1880 tons full

HP: Hull A: 9950. Hull B: 11900.

Speed: 30,000 shp for 31 knots

Concealment: 6.8 km

Armament: 6×1 4 in L/40 QF Mark VI, single mounting P Mk. XI

Firing Range: 10.3 km

Reload: 5 seconds

Maximum HE shell damage: 1500

Fire Chance: 6%

HE Armor penetration: 17mm

Shell Velocity: 664m/s

Torpedo Armament: 2×2 533mm Torpedo Tubes

Range: 6 km

Reload: 60s

Damage: about 11k

Anti Air: 2×1 QF 2-pounder pom-pom Mk. II, single mounting HA Mk. II

T5: Venezuelan Destroyer Almirante Clemente (Almirante Clemente-class Destroyer)

Length: 325ft long, 35ft wide.

Displaces 1300 tons standard load. 1500 tons full.

HP: Hull A: 9,250 Hull B: 10,000

Speed: 24,000 shp for 32 knots.

Concealment: 7 km

Armament: 2×2 QF 4 in (102 mm)/45 Mark XVI guns in 2 twin Mark XIX mountings.

Range: 10.8 km Max.

Reload: 3 seconds for about 120k HE DPM.

Maximum damage for HE shells: 1500

Fire Chance: 6%

HE Armor penetration: 17mm

Initial HE shell velocity: 811m/s

1×3 21 in (533 mm) torpedoes

Range: 6km

Reload: 90s

Torpedo Speed: 55 knots

Anti Air: 4 × 40 mm/60 Bofors A/A cannons in 2 twin Mark 2 mounts

8 × 20 mm/70 Oerlikon A/A cannons in 4 twin Mark 24 mounts

2×2 QF 4 in (102 mm)/45 Mark XVI guns in 2 twin Mark XIX mountings

Range: 5.8 km Max.

Designed by Ansaldo for Venezuela as a complement to the Nueva Esparta-class destroyers, this ship could be thought of as a T5 Friesland. It has a 4 inch main battery, which is a fairly anemic caliber for its tier. The ship is also sluggish, at 32 knots, and has a low health pool for its tier. However, it has the highest DPM for any destroyer at its tier, at 120k DPM, outgunning even the Nicholas.

T6: Argentine Destroyer Mendoza

Dimensions: 335ft long, 31ft wide

Displaces 1595 tons standard load. 2120 tons full.

HP: Hull A: 10600. Hull B: 13000

Speed: 42,000 shp for 36 knots

Concealment: 7.1m

Armament: 5×1 4.7 in (120mm) QF Mark IX guns

Firing Range: 11km

Reload time: 4 seconds for 126k HE DPM

Maximum Damage for HE Shells: 1,700

Fire chance: 8%

HE shell penetration: 20mm

Firing Range: 11km

2×3 Triple 533mm Torpedo Tubes:

Range: 7 km

Reload: 90s

Maximum Damage: about 11k probably.

Torpedo Speed: 55 knots


Anti-air: 1 × 3 in (76 mm) AA gun

2 × 2-pounder pom poms

This destroyer gains a marginal DPM and torpedo boost over the previous class, however, it also gains much needed improvements in speed and the health pool.

T7: Brazilian Destroyer Acre (Acre-class destroyer)

Dimensions: 323ft long, 35ft wide.

Displaces 1360 tons standard. 1800 full.

HP: Hull A: 1,0500 Hull B: 12500

Speed: 34,000 shp for 35.5 knots

Concealment: 7.35km

Armament: 4×1 5"/38 DP gun

Reload Time: 3 seconds for about 144k HE DPM

Maximum HE shell damage: 1,800

Fire chance: 5%

HE shell penetration: 21mm

Initial shell velocity: 792m/s

Maximum Firing Range: 11.2km

Torpedo Armament: 2 × 3 533mm Torpedo tubes (only Acres and Ajuricaba had this torpedo setup, the rest had 2×4. We are not going to use that setup to keep it in line with the other ships)

Range: 7.5 km

Reload: 90s

Damage: around 12k

Torpedo Speed: 55 knots

AA: 1 × 2 40 mm guns

4 × 1 20 mm guns

4×1 5"/38 DP gun

Max Range: 5.8 km

Built in Brazil to a modified British design, this destroyer has a respectable damage output and AA defenses, with standard USN destroyer shell ballistics.

T8: Venezuelan Destroyer Nueva Esparta (Nueva Esparta-class destroyer)

Dimensions: 402ft long, 43ft wide.

Displaces 2600 tons standard, 3670 tons full.

HP: Hull A: 15100 HP. Hull B: 19600 HP

Speed: 50,000 shp for 34 knots

Concealment: 8 km


3×2 QF 4.5 in (114 mm)/45 Mark V guns in 3 twin UD Mark VI mountings

Reload time: 3.75 seconds for 163k HE DPM

Maximum HE shell damage: 1700

Fire Chance: 8%

HE shell penetration: 19mm

Initial Shell Velocity: 746 m/s

Maximum firing range: 11.7

Torpedoes Armament:

1×3 533mm Mark IX Torpedo Tubes

Range: 8km

Reload: 100s

Damage: 15,433

Speed: 61 knots

Anti Air: 8 × 40 mm/60 Bofors A/A cannons in 4 twin STAAG Mk.II mounts

8 × 40 mm/60 Bofors A/A cannons in 4 twin Mk.V mounts

3×2 QF 4.5 in (114 mm)/45 Mark V guns

Max range: 5.8km

Analogous to the British Battle-Class destroyers, these destroyers had a high ROF main battery and powerful AA defenses. The ships paid for their AA with a fairly anemic torpedo armament, consisting of just 3 torpedoes in one triple tube. They also had fairly bad shell ballistics, with an initial shell velocity of 746m/s, worse than even the USN destroyers.

This is where the fun begins.

T9: Chilean Destroyer Almirante Riveros (Almirante-class destroyer)

Dimensions: 402ft long, 43ft wide.

Displaces 2774 tons standard, 3353 tons full.

HP: Hull A: 15800 HP Hull B: 18500 HP

Speed: 54,000 shp for 34.5 knots

Concealment: 8.4km

Armament: 4×1 4 in (102 mm) Vickers Mark Q guns

Reload time: 1.5 seconds for 240k HE DPM

Maximum HE damage: 1500

Fire chance: 6%

HE shell penetration: 17mm (I was considering giving it 1/5 pen for 20mm, but then I put the numbers in and I realized: no, this thing doesn't deserve 1/5 pen. I'm forcing this thing to take IFHE.)

Shell Velocity: 900 m/s

Maximum firing range: 11.3 km

Torpedo Armament:

1×5 533mm Torpedo tubes

Range: 8km

Reload: 110s

Maximum Damage: 15,433

Speed: 61 knots

Anti Air: 5 × Bofors 40mm/70 (The same ones found on the Friesland and Halland btw)

4x 4 in (102 mm) Vickers Mark Q guns (these guns aren't in game yet, so I don't know what their AA DPS would be. I'm assuming it would be very high, considering their insane ROF at all elevations.)

Max range: 6km

The Columbian Almirante Class Destroyer. Boasting 4 102mm guns in 4 single turrets that could fire up to 50 RPM in real life. (not reflected in game for obvious reasons.) Assuming 1500 maximum HE damage, she can put out exactly 240k HE DPM, even more than the Friesland, and also has comfortable shell ballistics with an initial shell velocity of 900m/s. She is fairly sluggish for a destroyer, at only 34.5 knots, but has a respectable health pool.

T10 Colombian Destroyer 7 de Agosto (Halland Class Destroyer)

Dimensions: 397ft long, 40ft wide

Displaces 2650 tons standard, 3300 tons full.

HP: 18250

Speed: 55,000 shp for 32 knots

Concealment: 8.5m

Armament: 3×2 Bofors 120 mm guns

Reload time: 2 seconds for 315k DPM (this isn't even the historical ROF lmao)

Maximum HE shell damage: 1750

Fire chance: 8%

HE shell penetration: 20mm

Maximum firing range: 11 km

Torpedo Armament:

1×4 533mm Torpedo Tubes

Range: 8km

Reload 100s

Maximum damage: 15,433

Speed: 61 knots

Anti Air: 4 × Bofors 40 mm/70 AA guns

6 × Bofors 120 mm guns

This thing has more DPM than Des Moines. That's all I'm going to say.

What have I created

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