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May be an odd rant

WorldOfWarships2 - May be an odd rant

American Cruisers.

I just don't get it.

This may sound really dumb and most likely will, a lot of you are probably going to call me names, say "git gud", or just hate it but I just need to vent this.

They are the one ship class I cannot win against. Whenever I try to shoot at one its overpen after overpen and minimal damage while I get burned to the ground with HE. Alternatively they can also still shoot HE at you except now you can't shoot back because there is an island in the way. Spotted for a few seconds? You are now on fire. Shoot back? Merica CA/CL escapes with 3k~ taken away. Full broadside BB salvo 10km away and oblivious to it? Overpens and tis' but a scratch. It makes me feel helpless whenever I meet one as its going to be a few minutes or even seconds of explosive rain until I die. It doesn't help that I don't recall ever citadel-ing one ever. Not saying it doesn't happen but I'll get to that. Maybe its my aim, general skill what evs. No matter what I use, Kongo, Fuso, Graf Spee, Bayern, Gneisenau, Hood (post update), Queen Elizabeth, Konigsberg, Aoba, or Myoko. American cruisers (CLs more often than not) will always burn me to Davy Jone's locker while they turn around relatively unscathed, affected only by overpens. The most sucessful I've been against them is with the RN CLs with the short fused AP. Really great damage but are the epitome of glass cannons and will be torn apart by the Merican CL/CA in seconds. Somehow low velocity (Indy) 203mm has more range than high velocity 283mm on the Graf Spee. Gun Elevation/Fire Control I guess.


On the flip side

They are also the one ship class I can never play well. It feels as though my shells are simple airsoft plinkers. A little damage here, some non-penetrations there and maybe a fire. The floaty/slow shells are frustrating, hard to lead with, and short ranged. I don't even know what happened to the durability I find fighting against them as they fell like the only thing holding them together is a wire clothes hanger and some marshmallows. Spotted? You now have 5 seconds to run away or you die. That citadel I mentioned that I can't hit? Oh yeah, gets hit all the time. Anything with good AP is the bane of my existence. Angled or not, it doesn't matter. Turn the corner and… ded. Shoot the Enemy? They shoot back and I get obliterated.

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To sum it up, fighting against them is fighting near invincible flamethrowers. Fighting with them is working with fragile floating citadels with no bang/bang in the wrong places.

I am obviously doing something really, really, really wrong here. These ships confuse me to no end. The obvious is to somehow become as good as Flamu/Flambass/Notser/Yuro/etc… but that's not going to happen, I'm no hero. Hell if they see this they'll just laugh at me and call me a dumbass like most of you will. Maybe I'm just tired and upset, it is 4am after all.

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