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Moderator Monday: A Few Changes

WorldOfWarships1 - Moderator Monday: A Few Changes

Hey guys, I'm back again for another moderator Monday. We haven't had a chat like this in a while and there's a few things myself and the mod team would like to get off our chests since we put in a ton of work towards the subreddit in terms of moderation, communication with WG, design of the subreddit and generally dealing with some of the unruly bunch. I'm hoping to address some issues that we've kind of let go for a while and get to making the subreddit a place for good discussion and good memes.

CV Posts

This is arguably the thing we have the most issue with right now so I'll get it out of the way early. After patch 8.0, we allowed people to post, meme, and generally say whatever they wanted about CVs to help cope with the changes that came to the game with the patch and what it did to carriers. This was originally only supposed to be a temporary change because we didn't want the subreddit to be flooded with toxic posts and shitty memes. The thing is, we were going to go back to the way it was before when it calmed down. It never did. So we're stopping it right now.

So here are some changes we are going to implement. We are going to introduce a general CV complaint, meme, discussion, rage thread for either one or two days a week that will be stickied. Most CV posts are going to be directed into there. Exceptions will be made for posts that actually provoke discussion that isn't just "Hurr Durr CVs are bad". The same thing applies with memes. Good memes we'll leave up others we'll direct to that thread. Obviously this is up to moderator discretion, but we have been talking for about two months now about this and we have a good understanding of what should, and should not be on the main page.

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I think /u/Vaexa will thank me later for this, but it needs to be reiterated again that the report button is for things that are actually something the mod team should look at. For example, if a bot spams the sub with links to porn sites, then yes please send reports in. If someone says fuck or shit in their comment, we're not gonna remove it. We get tons of reports like that and honestly, it makes our jobs harder when we come home from work, school, or our families and go through hundredsof reports that should have never been reported in the first place.



Kind of an extension of what I said in the CV posts but we will remove low effort and shitty memes. I would say though that 95% of the time we let the upvote and downvote buttons take care of that for us. We do enjoy a lot of the content here and want to make sure that the good stuff isn't buried under a mound of bad stuff.

New Rules

Something that we've seen a lot of since the CV rework is comments that promote team killing. We really don't like that as it doesn't put members of the subreddit in good light for new members and breeds more of a toxic environment that we're trying to get away from. Therefore, if you say in the comments or in a post on this subreddit telling people to kill their teamates, you will face a 15 day ban for the first time and a permanent ban if it happens again. We don't want to have to take this kind of action but it's a bit ridiculous that we even had to consider it.

This rule is a bit more of a change than a new one. We will allow some scorecards now. However they need to be something exceptional to be left up. A kraken in your carrier isn't that special and we'll remove it. A solo warrior in a Mikasa? Yea, we wanna see that shit. Same goes for containers. Only post the truly rare stuff from daily containers. If you want to spend $1000 on santa crates to get everything no one is going to care too much. Maybe put that in a regular thread and explain yourself.

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One thing we were thinking about adding is a ranked rage thread once or twice per season. If you have any thoughts on that let us know.

If you have any suggestions for the mod team we always appreciate them. As I sit here at the dentist's office I wouldn't mind the distraction of listening to suggestions.

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