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Moderator Wednesday: On Toxicity

WorldOfWarships6 - Moderator Wednesday: On Toxicity

Hey everyone, just some survey updates for y'all.

Going over the survey results, it seems that about 60% of you see toxic content on a fairly regular basis. We want to curb that as much as possible, so in order to do so, we will be stepping up enforcement of rule five (a) & seven (b).

For quick reference, here's rule five (a) and seven (b):


(A) Posts and comments that are deemed overly toxic towards users, players, members of Wargaming staff, ethnic, or national groups will be removed and the poster will be banned without warning. This includes bringing any sort of political issues and/or debate to this subreddit.


(B). No posts or comments shall encourage in-game actions that are against the game's EULA. This includes intentional team-killing/ "friendly fire" and AFK'ing matches intentionally.

We've been seeing a fair number of anti-CV posts recently that have crossed the line from "I dislike this class and want to see it gone" to actual hatred against the player behind the screen, instead of the pixels on it. That's not okay. A game is for fun, not for attacking individuals for how they wish to have fun. Disliking ships is fine. Being rabid towards other users is not.

The CV issue isn't the only issue that we've been seeing, nor is it the only issue that you mentioned in the survey. There's a fair amount of xenophobic comments being made as well- primarily made against Russia and China, but against other countries as well. These comments will not be tolerated at all. Period. It's perfectly fine to critisize paper warships for being paper, but it's not okay to crisicize the country of the ship, their government, or anything like that. These types of comments have appeared primarily towards Russian warships, but will not be tolerated towards any nation.


Moving on from that issue, and really from this whole post, I'd like to add a personal note to the ending here:

I really appreciate each and every one of you who took the time to fill in these surveys over the last few weeks. It's really helped us as a team get a feel for exactly what changes you want to see, and we're really grateful for it. You're really helping us make this subreddit a better place, and I'm super pleased to see it. We're just shy of 85,000 subscribers right now, and at the rate we're going, I think we'll hit 100,000 soon. The changes that you're helping bring to fruition now are the changes that are going to let us not just stay an amazing community as that subscriber count ticks up, but to become an even greater community.

I know many of you come here because you're frustrated with WG decisions. We understand that, and want to make sure that you know that we aren't going to be anything like the official forums. We want to be a place where we can congregate and discuss anything about the game, without fear of arbitrary removals. This doesn't go in with the title, but it's something that we've been discussing for a while internally: We will not be taking down leaked content from now on. If it gets on here, we are not going to censor discussion about it. It doesn't break our rules for you to post it, so we're not going to take it down. Any NDA between a user and Wargaming is between that user and Wargaming.

Cheers everybody, and here's to the future.

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