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Moderator… Wednesday? Some updates on the Subreddit Rules

WorldOfWarships5 - Moderator... Wednesday? Some updates on the Subreddit Rules

As some of you have noticed, we’re now a 70,000 member Subreddit! My, how we’ve grown! It seems just like yesterday that I downloaded a brand new game and was spinning donuts in my St. Louis. Hey, back then it was an effective strategy!

But, I digress…This community has been around for almost eight years now…. Even before the name of the game was decided . We’ve seen a lot of things come and go, and a lot of changes in the game. Some good things such as the removal of open water stealth fire, some bad things such as the Puerto Rico, and some weird things like space warships. The game is ever-evolving, and so are we. That’s why I’m here today.

A lot of our rules were designed from a time when traffic was lower, the community was smaller, and the game was simpler. A lot of those rules needed some revision. We’ve revised them, and I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about them (Aren’t official rules discussions just so much fun!!!)

1: "Scorecard" posts (In game results screenshots, container results, and the like) are allowed to be posted on Saturdays for exceptional games or container results, or to showcase rare in-game moments, but any scorecard post may be removed at moderator's discretion.

The Scorecard rule has been one of the most confusing rules we’ve had. Here’s the logic behind the new rule: Scorecards used to be restricted to weekly megathreads ages ago. The problem with that was that they were never seen there. If someone has an 11 kill game or something that’s “once-in-a-lifetime” like that, it’s a shame to see that nobody noticed it. However, we can’t allow all scorecards. We already remove a fair amount of unexceptional ones. I’m sorry, but finishing a game in Kamikaze with two kills and 45k damage on a win is not exceptional. It’s a normal battle. We’re glad that you had fun, but at the same time, we must keep the spam down. If you have that truly epic game, we want to see it! We’re making Saturdays the “Day of the Scorecard”. Let’s see those epic clutch wins or those defeats that just make you want to cry.

2: All memes, macros, reaction gifs, and rage comics must be related to World of Warships. Crossposting memes is allowed only if the content of the meme is related to World of Warships. Low effort memes will be treated as "Off-Topic" posts and may only be posted on Sundays. Spam rules still apply.

Alright- memes are a hot button issue too. Years ago, they were banned outright. I helped to write the current rule, so I deserve the blame for the confusion. Here’s the spirit of the rule though: We love WoWS memes. They’re fun, and we can all enjoy a quick laugh when we’re not playing the game. Memes can also be serious, and highlight problems in the game. Memes can be a huge tool and they can be great content. The problems come from two types of memes: Crossposts and “low-effort memes”. Crossposts are allowed, as long as the message is relevant to the game. Trust me folks, a LOT of World of Tanks memes work here just as well too. If they’re more gaming “meta” memes, they’re treated in the next category:

Low effort memes are ones that didn’t take hardly any work to put together. They may get a nice laugh, but they’re often just templated images with text. We’re allowing them, but only on “Shitposting Sundays”. We’ll talk about Sunday more with Rule 3:

3: All posts must relate to World of Warships or Warships in general, with the exception of off-topic posts (Things like history, model kits, anime ships, and the like) that are allowed on Sundays. X-Posts MUST BE MARKED. If any specific kind of off-topic post is posted too frequently they may all be subject to removal or megathreads

We’ve all seen them- photos from the deck of the Alabama, the new Yamato model you assembled, or the kawaii anime post. They relate to the community…. Kinda. These posts aren’t a true “WoWS post”, but they can still have their merit. These are allowed on Sundays! The rest of the week is for more WoWS-themed discussions, memes, and other content.

4: No duplicate posts- please search for similar posts before posting.

Really, I need to explain this one? I’m almost certain that nobody has ever been banned for reposts. A lot of us (Myself included) have accidentally reposted something. Just please, try not to do it.

5(A): Posts and comments that are deemed overly toxic towards users, players, members of Wargaming staff, ethnic, or national groups will be removed and the poster will be banned without warning. This includes bringing any sort of political issues and/or debate to this subreddit.

5 (B): In-game screenshots that depict players in a negative light and do not have their usernames edited or blocked out are considered naming and shaming posts and will be removed. Name-and-shame comments posts and comments may result in bans.

Rule 5 is the rule that results in the most number of bans, and is probably the most important rule we have. It’s now broken into two rules, both dealing with toxic behavior.

The first rule is pretty self-explanitory. Don’t be an ass towards anyone. That includes players, moderators, Wargaming staff, nations, and the like. A lot of us disagree with Wargaming on some things, and that’s totally fine. It’s not fine to harass their employees, their CC’s, or anyone else. It’s fine to dislike paper ships in game, or traits of some ships. It’s not okay to make racist statements against nations or groups of people though. Treat everyone with the respect that you would want to be treated with.


Rule 5(B) is also a hot-button issue. We’ve all run into that toxic ass in a game that just ruins all the fun, and then proceeds to find a way to make things worse. It sucks, doesn’t it? That person’s identifying information (Clan, name, etc…) must be blurred out. Reddit is not a place for witchhunting.

6: No begging posts. RMT posts (Selling, trading, or buying of goods or accounts) are not allowed.

You can’t use this Subreddit to buy, trade, or sell things. If you want to do a giveaway, talk with us first.

7(A): No posts or comments may ask for, link to, or enable piracy, malicious software, or illicit tools or sites in any shape or form. 7(B): No posts or comments shall encourage in-game actions that are against the game's EULA. This includes intentional team-killing/ "friendly fire" and AFK'ing matches intentionally.

Rule 7(A) is pretty simple: Don’t talk about illegal software. If you’re encouraging the use of or promoting things like aimbots, botting, and the like, you’ll be banned.

Rule 7(B) also extends the illegal content rule. Play within the rules of the game, and post within the rules of the game.

8(A): YouTube and Twitch links must have a combined 20 link and comment karma to be posted. Promotional videos and streams that are posted must be in compliance with the Subreddit's promotional content guidelines: 8(B): Posting promotional links (YouTube, Twitch, and other similar services) is allowed, ONLY if the user maintains a 6:1 ratio of quality comments to other users’ posts for each video/link they post. Twitch links shall not be posted in frequency. Users may be exempted from this rule by the moderators if they are deemed to be providing content that is a ‘service to the WoWS community’, or if their posts contribute to a regular subreddit themed event. Any user who posts in a large enough volume to be considered spam will be subject to post removal, per moderator's discretion.

Rule 8 deals with YouTube and Twitch content. You mush have 20 link and comment karma to post these links to start with. This ensures that you’re a member of the community, not just a new account that’s trying to use this Subreddit for ad space. Reddiquette says that “it’s okay for a Redditor to have a content stream, but it’s not okay for a content stream to have a Reddit account”. We do exempt the WoWS dev blog from this stance obviously. So, if you’re allowed to post promotional content, Rule 8(B) comes into play.

You must comment to other people’s stuff on the Subreddit to post yours. If you don’t, you’re a content stream with a Reddit account. At least six comments to other people’s things per each promotional thing you post. Twitch links can be posted, but not constantly. If you’re having a milestone stream, it’s fine to post a link. We don’t want links for every stream you have though. That’s just spammy.

Some users (Not many) may be exempted from this rule. For example, StatsBloke puts out a video series that talks about patchnotes. He’s providing a service to the community with those. Those videos are allowed, but to continue the example, he’s still subject to the Twitch posting rules for other content. Also, if we’re doing themed content, the person running the content is obviously allowed to post it. For example, if we’re doing a series of ship review videos, we’re not going to ban the guy who’s posting those. That would just be silly.

9: Posting referral links or recruiting station links is prohibited, however you can ask for them to be sent via PM or in comments.

These links are spam when posted alone. Don’t post them unless a user asks for one, and in that case, post them as discreet as possible.

10: All posts and comments must adhere to sitewide Reddit rules. Spamming and trolling posts are not welcomed. Novelty and "alt" accounts designed to bend or break rules will be banned on sight. Follow the reddiquette as closely as you can. Moderators reserve the right to ban users or remove posts and comments in regards to intent.

You’re on Reddit so…. Their house, their rules. Things like brigading and vote manipulation will result in bans. If you’re using an alt account to violate rules, we’ll ban your account and the alt account. You must be a member in good faith. That’s also the meaning of the last part of the rule. If you’re acting in bad faith, you’ll be banned. Pure and simple.

11: Posts related to WoWS Blitz (Mobile game) belong in WoWSBlitz and posts related to WoWS Legends (Xbox/PS4) belong in WoWs_Legends. This subreddit is for the PC version of the game.

The console and mobile games are so different from the PC game that right now, the content for those games makes no sense here. Please post it to the correct Subreddit. If you’re making a compare/contrast, feature request post or something like that which IS relevant to the game, it’s obviously okay.

These changes shouldn’t change things much, but should make it a lot easier to understand the rules. Moderating is a fine line. We’re hoping that these rules

What… you thought you’d get through one of my mega-posts without a Depeche Mode link? Oh, you sweet summer child….

It’s been a fun-filled time here! I joined the game community about 5 years ago. Here’s to the next five!

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