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[Mod]Historical camouflage for HMS London as it was in September 1943.

WorldOfWarships5 - [Mod]Historical camouflage for HMS London as it was in September 1943.

The current in-game camouflage for HMS London is roughly correct in terms of shapes, but misses quite a few details and most importantly uses the wrong colours and the wrong colours on the wrong location. Using research by Trainspite and myself, I managed to correct the camouflage as much as possible using the scarce pictures that are available of that ship in that period. While it is not 100% accurate, it is way more accurate than the original camouflage.

Changes and sources:

  • adjusted the colours from dark-green, light-green and grey to the very likely correct colours G10-B30-B55 (or dark-grey, medium blue, light blue). The colours are sourced from the (excellent) work of Alan Raven and this snippet from
    RPfTMnT - [Mod]Historical camouflage for HMS London as it was in September 1943.
    a report on a navy/airforce-exercise. executed on September 15th 1943 (report dates from January 1944).
  • colour-values were sourced from page 15 of
    Royal Navy colours of World War Two   B G Series Camouflage Colours 1943 to 1945 - [Mod]Historical camouflage for HMS London as it was in September 1943.this document.
  • adjusted the shapes of the dark patches on the hull to better match the pictures (exhibit
    ys2qWBJ - [Mod]Historical camouflage for HMS London as it was in September 1943.
    B &
    POfnGEA - [Mod]Historical camouflage for HMS London as it was in September 1943.
  • added a missing patch of medium-blue on the forward port-side of the bridge and forward superstructure, as well as enlarging an existing patch on the port side of the bridge.
  • relocated the patch of B30 on the starboard side of the bridge to better match the original picture.
  • recoloured the entire second funnel so it matches the photos.
  • recoloured the starboard housing for the torpedo mounts.

Compromises that had to be made:

  • the rolling doors that close off the torpedo-mounts are a shared asset in the file, and are thus the same both port & starboard. I chose to make the starboard side correct, which means the port-side has a wrong door.
  • the turrets idem. They all have a different pattern in real life, but the game uses the same file for all 4 turrets, so the historical camouflage couldn't be added there. Turrets A and B have a B55 starboard side, with A also having port in B55, with B having a G10 port side. X and Y turrets seem to have a starboard side painted entirely in G10, though the photos aren't clear on that one. The port side on the other hand, Y is B55 again, while X has a diagonal cross with B55 and G10.

The raw files can be downloaded HERE. It consists of 2 .dds files containing the camo-info, a readme and a text-file containing the colour-codes for pasting into the camouflages.xml of the current version. Since I'm not that tech-savvy, I can't make a proper mod out of it that updates nicely with each update in WoWS.

I hereby kindly invite mod-makers or mod-stations to implement the camouflage in their camouflage-mods or modpacks.

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