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More About Lesta, UI Changes, Smolensk, the DeSync Issue, and Wargaming As a Whole

WorldOfWarships2 - More About Lesta, UI Changes, Smolensk, the DeSync Issue, and Wargaming As a Whole

Desync has been an issue for a long time. According to iEarlGrey, the issue has persisted since as early as 2016, with forum posts like this clearly detailing desynchronization between rendered models and the actual damage event occurring. I highly recommend

as it is a much more in-depth dig into the details I quote from him here.

World of Warships runs on the BigWorld engine, along with the two other "World" titles offered by WG: World of warplanes, and more importantly, World of Tanks. If you log into the WoT client, you'll notice a Guinness world record icon below the loading bar. A few years ago, WoT achieved the world record for the most players connected to a single server concurrently. This achievment was made possible by the BigWorld engine's unique industry-leading (at the time of its acquisition by WG) "dynamic server load management" features. This information was revealed in

, and I must once again recommend that you watch it.

The load throttling feature is important mostly because the servers that WOWS runs on are shared by WOWP and WOT. World of warships hasn't peaked since 2016, where the CIS had a record 40k+ players concurrently online. This record was only achieved through the use of the load management feature, the same feature that allows for so many players to be connected to a single server cluster at once without significant issues (theoretically.)

iEarlGrey details in hi video how World of Tanks has always had server priority over shared servers with WOWS. WOT has faster shell travel times, more detailed spotting mechanics, a larger player count, larger battles, more interactive map elements, and a much faster overall game pace. The DeSync issue hasn't been as prominent over the past few years mostly because WoWS wasn't nearly as fast-paced as it is nowadays. This isn't to say that WoT doesn't suffer from DeSync either; in WoT it isn't nearly as common because of the server prioritization. If you want proof that the WOWS client shares a server with WOT, simply go into your game files, and look for a script config .XML file, and the host alias will be a WOT-related link.

The problem begins with the introduction of vehicles that increase the game's "pace," so to speak. iEarl explains the issue with ships like Smolensk in his video: "say you introduce a ship that fires so quickly that the shells don't even render before they have traveled some distance from the barrel." The Smolensk shell rendering issue that made it very difficult to blind-fire Smolensks specifically was not a product of Russian bias, but rather server load issues. The 16 shells that Smolensk threw out every 4 seconds demanded so much server load that the shells' rendering was delayed for some time until the server "caught up" and the shells had already left the barrels. This is simply the dynamic load management at play: the server throttles the rendering to evenly distribute the load.


Smolensk wasn't the end of Wargaming's server woes: "<...> yet ships may not fire as fast but their shell travel time is now much quicker, closer to a thousand meters per second." iEarl is clearly talking about Venezia, with her slow reload but very fast shell travel times. The massive 15-shell salvo that Venezia unloads travels quickly, which requires more frequent updates from the server in a shorter time span, thus imposing a much more severe load on the server in the short term.

So how does WG deal with this? They "start trimming the fat," removing small things that unnecessarily load the server. A few months ago, the turret degree readouts were seemingly randomly removed as part of a UI update. A lot of people didn't complain about this small change. Sure, it was inconvenient, but not game-breaking. iEarl mentions that each degree that a turret turns would poll the server for an update, so WG removed the feature to save bandwidth.

Further damage control was needed, however; Smolensk was removed from the armory as part of WG's attempt to mitigate the DeSync issue. WG wanted to prevent more players from getting Smolensk to help alleviate server stress in the short term, so their solution was to simply remove Smolensk from the shelves. Smolensk wasn't removed specifically for being overpowered; although player complaints were part of the motivation, WG's main concerns were focused on reducing server load. This doesn't fix the problem, however, as player count suddenly began to increase beginning in February/March, and the issue persists to this day.

It doesn't matter how good your internet is or where in the world you are; "due to load balancing and server limitations, you will most likely (at peak times) experience desync." Lesta has been aware of the problem "since at least Closed Beta" and continues to ignore the issue. A couple of months ago, in response to

WG responded with a forum post acknowledging that they were investigating the issue. For many of the players, the concession from WG felt like a victory, but this was simply a cookie-cutter response from WG that was sent out in an attempt to quell the outrage.

The only effective, one-step solution is to increase the server capacity, an investment that is might seem risky for WG. It's a complex, large-scale solution that likely won't be implemented any time soon. As a matter of fact, don't expect any fix at all in the near future. WG has been extremely reluctant over the past five years to acknowledge the issue, and their continued response is one of deep unwillingness to address the issue.

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