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Mouse Needs your Help (Crowd-Sourcing 2, the Twirling Boogaloo)

WorldOfWarships7 - Mouse Needs your Help (Crowd-Sourcing 2, the Twirling Boogaloo)

Patch 0.9.6 as seen Wargaming updating the agility parameters of a number of ships. These changes need to be independently verified by the community to ensure that what's advertised on the tin is what we're getting in client. In addition, they have missed a few ships that also have incorrect turning parameters and I want to see something was missed. This means there's a lot of ships out there that need to be twirled. Seeing as this is stupidly boring and it takes forever, I thought it would be more efficient to share my pain with the community.

In short: I'm asking you all to twirl some ships for me. I'll take care of the math.

What You Will Need

  • The current version of World of Warships running at a minimum of medium graphics settings at a minimum of 30fps.
  • Access to the Training Room (ocean map).
  • Access to one of the ships listed below.
  • Something to write down your results.
  • A stopwatch of some form that measures at least to the tenths of a second (preferably to the hundredths).
  • A whole lot of patience because this is boring as all get out.


  1. Make sure the ship you're testing is fully upgraded. So using the top engine, top hull, etc.
  2. Remove any and all signals.
  3. Load up the Ocean Map for the Training Room (make sure it's not in Tournament mode) with a 60m timer.
  4. Set your engine to 4/4 speed. Let the ship reach it's maximum velocity.
  5. Write down the maximum speed achieved. Note that some ships can exceed their in-port maximum speed by as much as 0.4 knots.
  6. Put the rudder hard over using the Q or E keys. The direction doesn't matter. Just ensure the rudder is all of the way over.
  7. Let the ship complete a 360º rotation and leave it continually turning. Note that for some ships, this takes a painfully long time. I'm sorry.
  8. Write down the speed the ship is going while continuing to turn after the first 360º rotation. This "turn speed" is crucially important.
  9. You're now going to time a 360º rotation. Zoom way out from your ship and aim your guns off in a particular direction and then don't touch your mouse.
  10. When the bow heading indicator crosses the gun aim indicator on your minimap, begin timing.
  11. When the bow heading indicator crosses the gun aim indicator again, stop timing. This will give you the 360º turn time.(Example here:
    yhQK1Xd - Mouse Needs your Help (Crowd-Sourcing 2, the Twirling Boogaloo)
  12. Write down the 360º turn time.
  13. Now we repeat the process for subsequent data points. Move your mouse and set another gun aim point. It must be different from your original aim points. Once you've set it up, keep your hands off your mouse. (NOTE: THIS STEP IS STUPID IMPORTANT. DON"T SIMPLY HIT "LAP" ON YOUR STOPWATCH — doing so compounds measurement inaccuracies!)
  14. When the bow heading indicator crosses the gun aim indicator on your minimap, begin timing again.
  15. Stop timing when the bow heading indicator once again crosses the gun aim indicator.
  16. Write down this next 360º turn time.
  17. Repeat until you have a minimum of five 360º rotation times recorded, repeating steps 13 through 16.
  18. Submit in this thread, the Ship Name, the ship's 4/4 Max Speed, the ship's 4/4 Sustained Turning Speed, and as many 360º Rotation Times as you have. These are all super important, so don't leave anything out!

Problem Ships


We'll be starting with the ships Wargaming themselves has listed along with a few others that have piqued my interest.

  • Japanese: Hashidate, Myogi, Kongo, ARP Kongo, ARP Hiei, ARP Haruna, ARP Kirishima, ARP Kongo, Kitakaze, Kawachi, Minekaze, Shimakaze, Fuso, Zao, Kuma, ARP Takao, Atago, Atago Black, Shiratsuyu, Harugumo,
  • American: Midway, Boise, Iowa, Missouri, Texas, New York, Montana, New Mexico, Colorado, Langley, Arkansas Beta, Fletcher, Alabama, Baltimore, New Orleans, Des Moines, Black, Kidd, Marblehead, Omaha, Massachusetts, Massachusetts Black, Alabama ST, Georgia, Ohio, Cleveland, AL Montpelier, North Carolina,
  • Soviet: Dmitri Donskoi, Sinop, Molotov, Murmansk, Imperator Nikolai I, Moskva, Chapayev, Kirov, Shchors, Tallinn, Sovetsky Soyuz, Diana, Varyag, Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya, Kremlin, Gremyashchy
  • German: Friedrich der Große, Gneisenau, Scharnhorst, Prinz Eugen, Admiral Hipper, Mainz, Roon, Hindenburg, Großer Kurfürst, König, König Albert, Nassau, Kaiser, Bayern, Bismarck, Tirpitz, Tirpitz Black, V-25
  • British: Black Swan, Weymouth, Caledon, Danae, Emerald, Fiji, Edinburgh, Neptune, Minotaur, Exeter, Belfast, Bellerophon, Audacious, Warspite, Iron Duke, Orion, Jervis, Lion, Conqueror, Thunderer, Lightning, Jutland, Daring, Valkyrie
  • British Commonwealth: Perth
  • French: Turenne, Bourrasque, Vaquelin, Le Fantasque, Kléber, Marceau, République
  • Pan American: Nueve de Julio,

As data is amassed, I'll cross them off the above list (they are being collected here and on the NA Forums). Ideally I would like three different people to collect data for the same ship — redundancy helps find mistakes, but I'll take whatever I can get. Doing even one of these is super tedious. Any help I can get on this is greatly appreciated, so thank you in advance. Don't turn your brains into pudding doing this, I know how awful this can be.

Thank you all for your help!

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