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mxMeter: A great mod for setting improvement goals and maximizing XP

WorldOfWarships4 - mxMeter: A great mod for setting improvement goals and maximizing XP

I got inspired to post this thread because I've read a lot of posts about people wanting to improve. Or at least make the grind go faster. mxMeter is really helpful with that. It's also in Aslains mod installer and the official mod installer. (not that it matters because its free anyway, but I'm not affiliated with the mod in any way.)

What it does is display points in the top right of your screen equal to the percentage of damage you do to a ship or other valuable in-game actions. Exact calculations below.

  • Main caliber damage, secondary, torpedoes, and bombs (equal to percent damage to said ship)
  • One taken down plane is 1/30
  • A frag/kill = 1/5
  • A cap = 1/3
  • Scouting = 1/120

EX: if you do 10k damage to a 20k max HP destroyer, you get 0.50 points. If you do 10k damage to a 100k max HP battleship, however, you only get 0.10 points. The calculation is loosely based on how WG assigns XP as explained by Sub_Octavian here (in Russian but you get the gist using browser translate). It's not perfect, it doesn't count fire/flooding damage, scouting damage, etc. but its the best tool I've found for evaluating your performance real-time in-game.

It gives a goal to aim for, and because it's adjusted for ship's HP, it really emphasizes/rewards damage to low HP ships like destroyers and light cruisers in a way that the default unadjusted damage doesn't. I'll be farming a battleship and watch the score slowwwwly go from .05 to .10 as opposed to hitting a destroyer with a single 12 gun light cruiser broadside and going from .30 to .80.

I really like it since I'm goal oriented and it records stats that do a great job of evaluating your impact on the match. Anything under 1.0 is bad, 1.5 is decent if I'm bottom tier but not great otherwise. 2.0 is good and 3.0 is a really good game and usually enough to top the scoreboard. I aim for at least a 2.0 every game, which is a fairly aggressive but attainable goal. It's helped me improve at the game a ton. If you're new to the game or have a sub 50% winrate and want to improve, just try your hardest to hit 1.0 and go from there.

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It's also good to maximize XP because it really closely correlates to how WG is calculated. If you want to make the grind go faster and are already using any/all of your flags/camo/premium, maximizing your mxMeter score is a great way to do it.

Anyways give it a shot if that sounds interesting!

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