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My analysis about CVs gameplay. (MIDWAY & HAKURYU) 0.8.0

WorldOfWarships3 - My analysis about CVs gameplay. (MIDWAY & HAKURYU) 0.8.0

First of all, I have been playing the TST and the PT servers and there's a big difference between USN CVs and IJN CVs.


USN are reliable with it's HE bombs… 6 penetrations on a Republique grants you 10K damage.

USN Rockets are very good, it's Tiny Tims are deadly against DDs and some cruisers as they have 68mm of pen…

USN Torpedoes are kinda in the middle, they have 6 per attack group, meaning that a good volley hitting all torps can get a ship down 20K. The problem with this Torpedoes is that they are VERY hard to aim. Each tiny movement on the planes means the reticle will open and your torps will drop like a flower…

At the end I have seen the USN very reliable, being able to kill DDs in four minutes if you aim good enough.


IJN AP bombs are hard to trust. They are unreliable, hard to aim due to its long shame reticle and bad accuracy. I don't really recommend them. It's very hard to get pens or citadels…

IJN Rockets are good against DDs but don't ask for anything else… they don't do good damage to CCs or BBs or even start fires. There are some cases where you do 3K at max, but you have to aim to the superstructure. In general, I find them useful only for defending caps fast and killing DDs.


IJN torps (using the first option that has 2 bombers per attack run) are good at engaging everything, counter to USN torps, they are easy to aim, you can do full turns at max speed and the reticle will stay closed and compact. In some cases, I was able to pull off 13K dmg on BBs. If your aim is good enough you can hit DDs using max thrust.

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The other option that has 4 bombers per attack run is not recommendable, as the arming time of the torps is verryyyyy long! up to 1200m !!

As a whole, I see IJN CVs very hard and very easy to play at the same time. It takes quite a bit of skill to get used to the torps and rockets. Bombs are the last weapon to choose and are very bad. The CV can't have a big influence in battle as USN CVs do.

Floods are rare in both CV torps lines… but more frequent in IJN torps (eg.: Hitted 19 torps only 2 floods).

ReAdY fOr ReLeASe

Hope this was useful to all of you. In a future post, I will talk about AA, modules and captain skills…

(This sh*t needs a lot of balance changes and there are things that are just badly done).

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