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My attempt at fixing aircraft carriers

WorldOfWarships1 - My attempt at fixing aircraft carriers

I myself love playing all kinds of ships (yes even cvs). I think contrary to popular belief that they are a good addition into the game, for providing more diverse gameplay. But despite my stand I still think they are not designed in a way thats fun for opponents.

The Problems for opponents: – Spotting by aircraft is way too powerful and easy and enables your team way too much.

  • AA sometimes works, sometimes doesnt. Good AA doesnt have to mean anything

  • The ability to damage you and spot you at the same time often feels bad

  • Shooting down 25 planes someties doesnt mean anything because the cv has so many aircraft to attack you

  • The invurnabiliy window after drops often feels counter intuitive, because a plane being inside 5 flak zones and taking 0 damage is not a good feel

The problems for carriers: – With bad flak puffs you sometimes loose an entire squadron in seconds feeling really bad. Especially at Tier 10 the skill difference in CVs is much bigger than in any other class (except perhaps DDs)

  • Spotting isnt that rewarding. Despite enabling 100k dmg on a Kurfürst you get a mere fraction of the xp. Thats why often Players just dont spot at all

  • When flying against one ship you sometimes loose more than if you were up against 2.

My proposed fixes: – Disable spotting of all plane types. You may see the position on the map but they are not spotted for the team. The spotting abilites are combined into one new aircraft type: The spotting plane

  • The new spotting plane is just 1-3 squads with 1 plane each that have a skill shot like the other plane types. This can be either a radio transmission or flares, I dont care. Everything inside this circle is spotted for your team. The enemy can see the circle too, thus enabling counterplay. When the zone ends (after a time limit or if cancelled before) one squadron returns. The spotting damage that occurs that way is worth more XP.

  • Remove Smoke Puffs entirely and buff cont. AA instead. This leads to much more predictability.

  • When flying towards a ship during the run the AA damage received is halfed, while damage from any other side is tripled. This way attacking 1 or 2 ships up front costs just a few planes. But if you decide to attack with an enemy behind you AAing the planes get shred. This makes alone-ships more vurnerable and removing the ability to drop 4-5 ships close together entirely.

-Plane resto time is doubled, but AA overall lessened. It has to hurt when you loose a lot of planes, but you shouldnt loose an entire flight in one attack against a single enemy.

Those are my suggested changes. Feel free to comment and offer critique.

Thanks if you read this far.

Fair seas to you all. Ragnarök

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