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My experience after 1 day of Stalingrad

WorldOfWarships6 - My experience after 1 day of Stalingrad

Today i aquired the Stalingrad and had about 30 games in it. 70% of those were solo games. Im not a unicum player and my pr on wows numbers is 1400+ (its getting better) my Username is Admiral__Thrawn (EU) if u wanna look me up.

Here is my perspective on the ship after the first day. Good things first, every aspect of the guns is amazing , the ship is fast and it looks just absolutely blyatiful. Now to the cons, its turning circle is abyssmal, this compared with the large citadel and huge detection range makes disengaging really painfull. Espacially when youre bow on and your flank gets completely overrunned. The lack of hydro and again the size and handling make it pretty annoying to deal with destroyers and torpedoes. When speaking of destroyers, when your team doesnt support you hunting them down this ship is surprisingly ineffective in killing them. Its SHORT FUSE AP was nerfed so you can throw that in the bin (the maximum AP alpha strike against a DD is 8280 dmg. The HE is kinda ok but it lacks in dpm. The theoratical HE alpha strike would be 13500 damage which on paper sounds okay but then things like oversaturation and just not hitting 9 shells all the time come into play. And those are the moments where i would rather be in a moskva instead. So in average i need 3-5 salvos to solo kill a DD which are 1 minute at least.


Now to my gameplay experience. I overextended quite a bit in some games and my map awarness wasnt the best too today, i havent tryharded since i focused on having fun with a ship i grinded like 6 months for, i yoloed in sometimes, tried to ram flambass in his stalingrad (didnt work :c) although im used to moskva i need to get used more to the ship. One big thing i noticed is that people focus the shit out of this ship. In some games it felt like every ship in a perimeter of 20 km was angling towards me and/or shooting at me. I never seen that many bows in one day before. Maybe there were less potatoes since most people spend christmas with their family and thats why people where more aware than usual because they were more likely above average players (there still were some potatoes)

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so my conclusion for today is that it is a strong ship for sure (but not straight up better than moskva) and it punishes mistakes the same way as it gets punished for making a mistake (and thats pretty easy in this ship). Btw ,the ship doesnt give you godlike powers and i think its good to have a AP slinging battle cruiser since the most cruisers are focused on HE spam anyway .my suggestion to that whole debacle would be to give the moskva the same auto bounce angles and fuse time as the Stalingrad since its ap feels pretty inconsistent

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