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My experience after 3 months playing this game: quarantine the AC’s

WorldOfWarships6 - My experience after 3 months playing this game: quarantine the AC's

To put it into context I'm playing this game for 3 months. I really enjoyed since the beginning. I didn't understand a lot and I was pretty bad but I still enjoyed it.

Then after a lot of games, well I noticed something what was completely wrong about this game. I'm not speaking about unbalanced ships, I understand that it is very hard to create new ships and to be balanced with all the others 100 ships (no idea how much ships exist in this game). Even if some nations are overpowered but well I don't have to say which one it is everybody knows. And if you are pi**** about this OP ships just play them. Of course, it would be nice that all ships are balanced but it will never happen. On the other hand one thing is completely ruining my game experience. It does not happen all the time but too often… And these viruses are aircraft carrier! As I told, I was really bad at the game at the beginning (I don't read guides or tutorials, I just play and discover the game with the time). Often I died by aircraft carrier (specially tier 4 with 3 or 2 aircraft carriers). I thought "Ok, I am doing something wrong". Then as I played more and more, I understand that you can't do nothing against them. The only "solution" is to be grouped with all the team to have all the anti-air possible, and even then they can put at least shot once on someone in this group!

Then a month ago, I started to play destroyer's which I really enjoy. Well when an aircraft carrier is in the game, I need a button "follow someone" and I could be AFK. It won't change a lot to the game.


The problem with aircraft is not only the ridiculous high amount of damage they are dealing but also the spotting. You are playing nicely the objectives and planes come spot you and well you get destroyed by all the enemy team. You are shooting on someone around an island and outplay the enemy ships in purpose that they can't spot you and then on the other side of map (too exaggerate a bit) a plane flies by and spot you. Well I don't have to say you what the result would be. But it is only based on the RNG, not skill!

Another problem, you can't even focus on them (I know it is all the idea behind an aircraft carrier) because they are on the other side of the map hiding somewhere. And even if you can sneak all your ways all through the enemy ships with a destroyer (which is very unlikely with the high chance that by pure randomness a plane flies over your head . If you get too close to the AC, he destroys you faster with his secondary gun than the Grosser Kurfürst (maybe a bit exaggerated but close).

In a summary:
-They deal too much damage
-RNG if you get spotted by them or not
-No counter

I think that's enough of text, I don't want to write a new bible and you don't want to read it anyway.

So there is a simple solution to solve all these problems. Create random battle without carriers. I guess nobody will queue in the battles with carriers but well they can enjoy 12 vs 12 battle between carriers and not ruin the game experience of 22 others players.

Well that's it. I hope to play with you in few battle with you without aircraft carriers. And yes, I can imagine there are already thousands post about the issue of aircraft carriers.

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