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My Issue with the current system of firing main battery turrets

WorldOfWarships4 - My Issue with the current system of firing main battery turrets

This will be quite an unusual topic besides the ever greens like CVs, BB AP, etc.

Because in my eyes WoWs has a different problem as well besides the usual suspects we talk about on this subreddit and I'm not sure if other people thought about this one already. This may be less important than balance problems, but this would involve a different department of game development any way.

How to shoot enemies at this moment

This is straight forward. We have 3 ways of shooting the enemy with our primary armament. All of them involve obviously the usage of the left main mouse button.

  • Double Click
  • Click once
  • Hold the mouse button

We can pretty much say that WoWs divides players into two groups. One group using primarily double click to shoot with all fireable batteries at once meanwhile the other group just holds the primary mouse button and performs the so-called sequential fire.

The cat in the room…

Obviously, the group which holds the mouse button will perform less clicks per game compared to a player which hardly ever uses it and really likes the double click.

Now let us think about a player sitting in a Harugumo playing with the following setup:

  • BFT
  • Adrenaline Rush
  • and last but not least: Main Battery Modification 3

and the following scenario:

We lost 50% HP and a lonely BB sits in front of you at a position where you can fire at him without getting spotted with no support what so ever. You do this for, let's say: 3 Minutes because the BB had full HP.

Let's do math because we all love math and numbers:

Base Reload time according to the wiki page of Harugumo is 3 seconds.

  • BFT reduces this by 10%.
  • AR will reduce the reload by 10% (50% HP lost… 0.2% * 50 = 10)
  • MBM3 reduces it by 12%

3*0,9*0,9*0,88 = ~2,14s (pls correct me if I'm wrong here)

Now let us compare how much people "invested" of their mouse lifespan into this battle.

The first group, holding the mouse button used up only one in an ideal scenario. Meanwhile the player loving his double clicks performed a maximum of 204 double clicks in case he is spot on with his presses.


Over the long run, shooting with double click in boats like Harugumo will kill a mouse quite fast. Well, to be more precise: it will kill the left mouse button quite fast. And this is in my eyes a problem not a lot of people see. Although this is more an issue for the core player base rather the casual people that jump into a ship when they want to.

Since I've started playing WoWs I've killed quite a lot of left mouse buttons. I even stopped paying for more expensive products because I knew I will fuck them up quite fast with how WG implemented the shooting mechanics in this game.

But how could this be fixed?

I've thought about this quite long and it always ended up with the introduction of a "Modifier Key". The definition of a modifier key is the following:

It changes the way a different key behaves. Example: The Key C got 3 different ways it can be used. using c without any modifier key will result in a lowercase c. Shift or Caps lock + c will end up with a capital c. And finally, we have ctrl + c which signals the PC to do something depending on what you have marked.

This system could allow us to keep shooting with the primary armament without killing the mouse as fast as before. By simply holding the modifier key until you performed the double click will tell the game to automatically keep on firing with all guns at once as long as you don't press the modifier key again or perform a double click without it etc.

This will increase the lifespan again and may also be a quality of life improvement for fast reloading ships in World of Warships.

At this point we could also introduce another modifier key which allows us to perform the "double click shooting style" by only pressing the mouse button once. This could be saved in a way like other games have different fire modes for guns. (Auto, Burst, Single shot)


  • Game kills a mouse pretty fast in case you play high fire rate ships with double click (max 204 double clicks in 3 minutes with the setup above)
  • Can be fixed by introducing modifier keys which change the behaviour of the Main armament
  • Nice QoL improvement for players, must not be used because it simply adds stuff and doesn't change the current system in a way it wouldn't allow someone to keep on using it.

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