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My opinion and suggestion on the CV rework as a CV player

WorldOfWarships1 - My opinion and suggestion on the CV rework as a CV player

I grinded the whole US CV line after the rework and so can't say much for the other nations.

However, HE bombs need a nerf to their damage and a nerf to how much they can manouver whilst dropping a target. When i can manouver to counter me dropping too early or on the wrong approach vector it really makes no sense. I should be punished for starting a bad drop. The damage (especially against DDs) is so damn stupid. Lucking out and getting an 11k salvo on a destroyer within the first two minutes of the game is game breaking.

Imo, Midway torps are fine and Lady Lex torps should be the same as the midways with less flooding chance (midway torps have less alpha damage and i assume they have a higher flood chance)

As for rockets, the Tiny Tims should be less accurate against DDs (bigger reticule maybe) and the same effectiveness against CA/BBs as well as having their damage nerfed. Me doing 12k to a BB with rockets is a bit much, and with the right dispersion i can do 5k avg dmg to DDs with these things. It just isn't worth taking the HVARs as the Tiny tims do more damage on average to all targets. There should be a player choice of damage against larger ships vs smaller less armoured ships.

But the main issue with CVs is the matchmaking It should be 1 CV per game and the +1-1 matchmaking (like all high tier MM should be)

I will genuinely laugh in joy and hardly care about my planes when facing tier 8s in my midway. Or even worse, facing tier 6s in my Lady Lex. You just walk over them, and your planes are hardly touched. And it isn't fun to be against a CV 2 tiers higher. When i face tier 10 ships (with worcesters and minos) i have to play a lot more carefully and its a lot more fun and punishing trying to drop targets. Tier 10 CVs should face tier 10 AA. It makes sense.

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And anything more than one CV is overkill. I have been in a 2v5 with 2 CVs and we have been able to get it down to a 2v1 very quickly (in cases of bad teams and then outnumbered caps and points). More CVs per game were needed at the start of the rework when everyone had them, but now its too much. One per game is all that is needed. 2 CVs is too much spotting and also too much pressure. Having a CV for each half of the map negates the whole "cvs can't influence the whole map"

And if you are a DD player, please move even slightly. I have done 8k with rockets and 11k with bombs on targets which just don't manouver at all, which means i can get a nice perfectly aimed and dispersed drop. I killed a Fletcher outright yesterday with a 5k drop, 6k drop and then bombs to finish the remaining few k health after fires. He hardly turned or adjusted speed or even better after being focussed that much: smoked up

Edit 1: Forgot to mention how shit fighters are. I want to protect my allies, please make them aggro more and have more health. If theres an ally and an enemy fighting a 1v1 and my ally is under air attack, i want to help him. I can only do this by popping fighters which will be shot down BEFORE they get down to the patrolling altitude. Its fucking stupid. I don't have many alternatives in mind however.

On phone so please forgive errors and ive probs missed things out. Im open to discussion and debate. Hopefully WG will read this thread.

Edit: spelling mistakes

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