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My proposal for the U.S.S Houston (Where she at, Wargaming?!)

WorldOfWarships2 - My proposal for the U.S.S Houston (Where she at, Wargaming?!)

Hey everyone. I thought about sharing my ideas for a USS Houston premium ship. I also, thought it strange she hasn't been mentioned at all since Perth's release but (and correct me if I'm wrong) somewhere on Reddit they posted a possible release of another Tier 8 American Cruiser? Huh. But enough about that, let's get going.


Now I see introducing Houston into the game will bring the following benefits:

  1. The first Tier 6 American Premium Cruiser.

  1. A brand new historical class that isn't a paper design (not completely, more on that later).

  1. A candidate for historical themed events in-game.

  1. An option for Tier 6 Ranked players who prefer captaining American cruisers.

  1. Historical significance.

  1. More Texas

There are other benefits but I'm saving those for the design portion.


OK so, this is where things may get controversial in terms of historical accuracy, but I promise you I have designed this ship in the name of genuine…fun. Since the beginning I've been racking my brain trying to figure out how to make this ship not another Wichita. Wichita isn't a stinky ship. She had the misfortune of being introduced in, "the wrong place at the wrong time" with her stealth gimmick crushed under the weight of the CV rework. That and she's plain-jane. In retrospect, I highly doubt WG would have held her back and think of another gimmick to give her before releasing her again. Anyhow I put together Houston's design, combining her last fitted design with (drum roll please)…

…torpedo tubes.

From what I can gather after flipping between blueprints, it looks like they just need to remove the AA nests which are over the pre-existing torpedo tubes and keep the other AA platforms in place. Outside of that addition, everything else should remain untouched. Now your probably asking yourself, "Why the need for pretending?" Good question. What I want from Houston is two things: 1. A Premium American Cruiser that existed in real life with existing/pre-existing torpedo tubes (that isn't Marblehead/Murmansk) and 2. A reason to even make a Number 2 reason.



See I knew adding torpedoes to this ship and calling it a day wasn't enough. The ship seemed like a one trick pony. So I dove back into Houston's history and as I'm reading about her finest hour with Perth it dawned on me, "Wait! Everything is in x3 mode at this point in the fight. Why not make this ship's theme a 'speedy reaction' one? Or a cutback to reload?" No, I am not suggesting a cutback to Houston's main gun reload time but rather to her Consumables, AA, Torpedo Launchers and Secondaries.

The Sector Reinforcement time for Cruisers? Cut that down. The Cruiser Consumable cool down time? Cut that down. The Secondary reload time? Cut that down.

Torpedo cool down time? Now this made me smile because I had an idea. Since Wargaming has recently been "redirecting" nationally flavored consumables to other nations, why not have Houston obtain the IJN DD consumable "Torpedo Reload Booster"? The Northampton-Class cruisers had 6 torpedo tubes, 3 on each side. You'd have to put in a lot of effort to swivel the ship to launch both sides, activate booster, and swivel again to, well, launch them again. So I don't believe the booster will be game breaking. It'll be enough to finish off an enemy if they're charging at you, for example. As for the torpedo's range and power, well. Marblehead took the "long range, slow speed" torpedo gimmick, so doing that again is…eeeh? Houston was lighter than Pensacola so by Wargaming rules, she'll lose out on some HP compared to her. Fine. If you want to make the case for longer range torpedoes, I guess there it is? Houston could also be the first American cruiser with ok/good torpedoes with range (No! Atlanta does not count because Wargaming so far feels her 2015 torpedo range is still up to snuff in 2020, even after addressing SIMS's 2015 themed torpedoes). *ahem*


I don't know what else to say. Here's hoping they bring the Northampton-class, Brooklyn-class, Fargo-class, and Oregon City-class cruisers around the corner. (HEY look at that! Oregon City-class heavy cruiser. Now THERE'S your Historical Tier 8 Super Heavy Shell that-is-not-Wichita Premium, Wargaming! No need for that paper ship of a premium I know I saw earlier on Reddit).

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