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My proposed tweaks to the CV changes

WorldOfWarships7 - My proposed tweaks to the CV changes


TLDR: flak AA should be player controlled, players should have more direct control over their carriers, and fighters and weird

I'm pretty excited for the new CV changes. So much in fact that I went and got myself a Langley just for this. However, there are a few things that I'm concerned about.

Problem 1: AA This might be me being an id*ot but I've seen somewhere that WG is changing ship AA so that players can reinforce AA defenses on one side of the ship, at the cost of the other. Personally I don't like this. It takes too long to shift AA stregnth the from one side to the other, and secondly this relies too much on RNG in my opinion. With the introduction of flak clouds that appear randomly in front of planes CV players may also feel helpless and subject to the hand of RNJesus. On a good day a CV can get planes through and land a perfect strike, while on a bad day the entire squadron is struck out of the sky without much skill on the targeted player's part.

Proposed Fix: Player controlled flak. Example: a Worcester player sees an incoming squadron of torpedo bombers. He presses the "O" key and his dual purpose main battery guns turn into flak AA guns. He uses the scroll wheel to adjust the range and moves his mouse accordingly to adjust his lead, and he fires. The torpedo bombers narrowly avoid the flak clouds, but on the second salvo 3 strike aircraft are heavily damaged. Problems this fixes: there is much more player skill involved in AA. Also, dual purpose guns have more use than just being cool now. The Worcester's guns can now do the thing they were originally designed to do really well in real life. Also, this applies to other ships too. The Großer Kurfürst's 128 mm secondary batteries also double as flak AA. Short range AA remains the same.

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Alternative solution: in real life a ship could fire its main battery guns into the water, and the resulting splashes the rounds make create a wall of water that can severely damage aircraft. The intricacies are many, but if say, a player fires his guns (main or secondary) into the water in front of planes he can damage them. However, BBs may not be able to take advantage of this as this might be a waste of time since their main battery guns reload too slowly.

Problem 2: CV control CV players can't control flooding, fires, heal, or do much else while controlling aircraft. CVs just got that much more vulnerable.

Proposed fix: just make it so that consumables can be used while controlling aircraft.

Problem 3: fighter mechanics Fighters are now NPCs and there isn't much room for teamwork and providing AA defenses for friendly ships.

Proposed fix: remove fighters If flak AA becomes player controlled then it might get significantly stronger. Ships may be able to just defend themselves now.

Alternative solution: player controlled fighters that can maneuver and engage enemy strike aircraft, although this might as well just be World of Warplanes if this becomes a thing. Also, this would need the ability to control multiple squadrons of aircraft at once, something that doesn't seem to be around in the testing phase.

Remember this is my personal opinion – that players should be rewarded for skill, not RNG. Feedback is welcome in the comments.

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