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My Santa Container Rollback Experience, or lack thereof

WorldOfWarships2 - My Santa Container Rollback Experience, or lack thereof

Let me first state, this post is not being made looking for sympathy. I'm a big boy, I understood the risks I took in all decisions through this whole process. Rather take this as a warning to those who end up in a similar situation and face the doublespeak from WG.

On December 8th I submitted my ticket to WG Support per Hapa_Fodders post on the WoWs forums:

I requested the refund not because I needed to have my money back for my containers. Though at the time, I didn't know about the shortlist when buying my containers and felt mislead like many, I could have lived with whatever I got and learned my lesson.

I requested a refund because it was more important to me to support the community and send a message to WG that they conducted this event inappropriately if not fraudulently.

In my initial request, I requested an account roll back to make my request as simple as possible.

I received this automated reply on 12/11:

" Hello,

If you still have the items you received from the containers on your account, we will refund the requested purchases as promised. However, due to the large amount of manual work involved with removing the received items from your account, your ticket may take a fair bit of time to be completed. We apologize for this delay. In order to cut this time short, we can alternatively offer you a roll-back of your account to the date before the purchase along with a refund (this can be processed quickly). Otherwise, we will proceed with the manual restoration and refund (this may take a week or more to complete).

Please note that the roll-back procedure returns the account to its condition on the specified date (including dismissed commanders, undistributed and free experience, statistics, warships, upgrades, modules, and progress in combat missions, etc.), so all gaming activities you've engaged in after this date will be nullified.


Bear in mind, if some of the items received from the containers are no longer on your account, we can only process the refund together with an account roll-back, as communicated earlier.

Please let us know about your decision in a new ticket created under category and indicate a prefered option (account rollback or manual restoration).

The ticket we're having the conversation in will be closed.

Thanks for understanding.

Note: this is an automated reply."

I followed the link and created a new ticket immediately on 12/11. Specifically requesting a rollback because, as is stated above, it was the quickest option available. I continued to wait for days…

This weekend, I actually took the opportunity to ask the question to Hapa during his stream on why it is taking so long for a rollback. He actually contradicted the comment from Customer Support above and said that rerolling takes a lot longer to do the manual process involved, leaving me not knowing what to believe.

Since requesting my rollback (2 weeks tomorrow) I have hardly participated in clan 3v3 and the 5v5 brawls because I didn't want to take away from clan mates who would be able to keep their earnings; as I wouldn't due to the rollback. Knowing full well with the rollback I will lose my Advent Calendar items, rewards from Twitch Prime Containers, and now I am questioning if I will get anything out of the snowflake event.

I know it's purely perception on my part but this whole thing feels like a punishment from WG. For a company so lucrative, it is hard to believe they cannot process these requests any quicker.

Hopefully, this post will act as a warning in how they conduct business with WG.

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