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My thoughts on improving CV’s to make it more in line with the surface fleet experience

WorldOfWarships5 - My thoughts on improving CV's to make it more in line with the surface fleet experience

So CV topics tend to be quite sensitive for both CV and non-CV players. There are arguments of OPness and Underpoweredness as well as arguments that you just need to understand CVs to know that they aren't as OP as you think. Personally, I dislike CV interactions with the game. I have especially since the switch from RTS to the current system. Yes I do remember what it was like to be dumped on by a CV player in the RTS days and I also know what it was like when your CV player was a potato compared to the other team's CV player. I have played CV's and I still don't get the draw. I have been dumped upon by a CV, most recently in a W. Voss game where my poor Des Moines was taken out by 2 rocket strikes and a bomb run despite all my active dodge attempts and not being stationary behind an island. This is all true.

What I am trying to write here is that the CV/surface ship interaction is broken not just by the numbers, but by the experience take away from both sides of that interaction. While it may be fun for a CV player to score multiple citadel/torpedo hits from an attack run, that interaction from the other side is less fun and can turn toxic. There is nothing more infuriating that being unable to do any effectual and meaningful reaction to a play because the mechanics have been locked in the way the are.

Since CVs are here to stay, I'd like to share my thoughts into how we could tweak them to still be effective in their role, while also improving the experience of the other surface ships that must share the map that they get loaded into.

My suggestions are simple actually, and I'm open to hearing a difference of opinion and/or tweaking of the ideas. They are as follows.

  1. Move Air Spotting from live-spotting to Minimap spotting.
  2. Increase the Number of planes in each CV reserve.
  3. Return AA to pre-nerf effectiveness.

Now before you take out the pitchforks or the memes or the sarcastic comments, please hear me out.

The Main themes i'm going for here when suggesting these 3 be implemented at the same time is this; Risk and balance of play.

Every surface ship in the game runs an inherent risk when they do their thing. That risk increases and lowers depending on multiple mitigating factors, but they still exist. For example, a cruiser or battleship pushing up too far increases their return to port chances simply be being the nail that stands tallest. Fire bloom lights you up to a multitude of attacks from enemy vessels because you have the chance to be within the firing range of your enemies when you take a shot at them. This sort of risk is shared by all classes but the CV. While yes you could argue that a CV risks its planes for an attack and risks being deplaned, I'd like to remind you that while there is a time requirement for the CV to restock its planes, the CV is still in the battle. If i make a bad risk in my surface ship and I get sent back to port, there is no regeneration of my HP to bring me up from the briny deep. Why then, do CVs get an out on sharing the risk?

Secondly, while i will agree that a cv less game with multitudes of destroyers can be frustratingly bad, the answer should not be a knee jerk reaction to put most ships that rely on stealth on the execution block. No player should feel helpless while trying to do something that their ship is good at. However, we need to also realize the utility that CV's can bring to a game with their far reach.

Now, let's address the 3 things

  1. Move Air Spotting from live-spotting to Minimap spotting.

This has been a consistent request for change. Making it so that ships can be seen on the mini-map and not rendered within the sights of your guns makes sense, so I'll not go too far into this one. I will say that having the ability to inform your teammates of the enemy movement does not translate into 'you have a satellite feed on where the enemy destroyer is and can easily shoot at him'. yes, skilled players may still be able to hit the mini-map spotted DD or CL/CA, but it still gives those players a chance to make decisions to save their ships and make it feel less hopeless when it happens. They can make this happen for when typhoons and other storms appear in the game, this isn't a big stretch.

  1. Increase the Number of planes in each CV reserve.

Let's face it, the game isn't historically accurate. Battleships cannot come to a halt and then go immediately to half speed from stationary. There are limits to the number of ammunition and torpedoes on ships and a battleship raking a destroyer pointblank with 18 inch guns is generally going to tear that DD apart.

Since we're already acknowleding that this is a game and not a historical simulator then its not a far stretch to allow more fighters in the hangers of a CV. This would get rid of the fear of being completely deplaned by increasing the chances for you to actually make your attack (more on this later). Since there are higher numbers of planes within the CVs you simply implement a repair time system wherein the recharge rate of planes changes depending on the number of planes you have left ie the more you have, the faster it recharges.. Now before i get blasted for this, consider what I said earlier; risk. This also leads me to my final point.

  1. Return AA damage to pre-nerf numbers

We all know this, AA is pretty much ineffective in the game other than on a handful of ships. Ships that were once meant to be AA no fly zones are a shadow of their former self due to the nerfs to AA and DFAA. This was done to allow for the 'always get one strike in' doctrine that WG is fond of to be effective. However, I think it ruins the interaction and balance of play. As stated earlier, surface ships risk themselves by the very act of firing and positioning. No position is 100% safe and no shot is 100% without reply. The same should apply to a CV. Sure, the odds of defeating a squadron of planes with grouped AA increases the larger the blob, but in most cases, especially with the arrival of the FDR and MVR strikes still go through. CVs need to have a risk for their attacks more inherent with the risk that surface ships take when making an attack.

With AA back to pre-nerf levels, the CV player would then have to make a calculated choice to make an attack run or hold off on that attack to ensure that they don't get their squadrons wiped out. Players who choose to spec for AA would be bringing a support role back to the game that has long been lacking.


I love this game, but I hate what's become of it. I think progressive balancing and common sense thinking to improve the experience for both sides would do the game good. I'm hoping to see constructive comments and criticisms about my ideas. I'd like to see a great discussion.


  1. Mini-Map only spotting for planes
  2. Increase planes in hanger for cvs but have a increasing recharge time for the planes as plane losses mount
  3. make aa truly effective again to force consideration on the CV as to how to effectively strike with minimal losses.

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