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My thoughts on Ranked as a CV after ranking out today

WorldOfWarships3 - My thoughts on Ranked as a CV after ranking out today

So first off, this was incredibly exhausting. Even though it only took me 89 games (of which 88 were CV games) I'm incredibly glad that it’s over. I’ve learned quite a bit from it. This was my first ranked in which I ranked out and the rank 5-2 hell really was something.

Some general information:

  • unknown - My thoughts on Ranked as a CV after ranking out today

    Statistics of this ranked season
  • 88 of these games were in Haku, 1 in Salem.

  • Statistics for Haku: Battles: 88 (54W/33L/1T – WR: 61% – SR: 88%)
    Average scores: – Damage: 108378 – XP: 2840 – Kills: 1.18 – Planes destroyed: 8.23

  • Statistics for Salem: Battles: 1 (0W/1L/0T – WR: 0% – SR: 0%)
    Average scores: – Damage: 76938 – XP: 1733 – Kills: 0 – Planes destroyed: 0
    (Yes, after the Salem game I decided that surface ships will be too annoying to use. At least I saved my star)

  • unknown - My thoughts on Ranked as a CV after ranking out today

    Result screen of the last battle
  • 543547102,Wororg Kai - My thoughts on Ranked as a CV after ranking out today

    My stats on WoWs-numbers

  • Amount of games it took me to get from rank 3 with 0 stars to rank 1 today

  • My karma increased during this ranked season, this only counts ranked games.

  • I got the “You got reported. Your karma decreased by 2” message twice.

  • I did not receive any chat bans or any ban at all for that matter.

  • I’ve used up all my 11 compliments in multiple occasions.

  • I’ve never used up all my reports.

  • I took a few days break after reaching the first league

  • After reaching the First League my winrate took a hit and went down a bit but never got below 60%

Now coming to what I experienced, noticed and found out. People were generally more nice and less salty during the afternoon/evening than during the night. However, I’ve always made any significant progress during the night. I’ve finished the last game at around 00:30 for example. The later it got the more you started seeing known names from last games and you developed a somewhat good feeling for how good people are. And the later it got the higher the salt levels got. And boy did it get ugly sometimes.

I was playing CV and I’m fully aware of how the louder part of the community sees them. If someone was complaining about CVs it almost always was a DD or a CA. And I can understand that. Because let’s be honest it’s really not enjoyable playing against them (most of the time). But what really bothered were the people that were blaming CVs for literally everything. It seems like people use them as excuses for every mistake they did. If you get insta-blabbed in your broadside mino because you never bothered to move in your smoke then that’s not a case of “Our CV bad theirs broken”. Another thing that bothered me as CV were when people kept pinging everywhere and demanded fighters on 4 different locations, their cruisers dead at once and their DDs permaspotted even if they’re in smoke.


I can understand if people dislike CVs but they’re in the game and if you want to improve your game understanding and become a better player then you have to understand how they work. Because you WILL encounter them. Random, ranked or CW, it doesn’t matter. Understand their strengths and limitations, what they can do and what they can’t and how the game looks like from their perspective. This is not meant as a “play CVs then you will see they’re actually super balans and not broken at all.” excuse but as an advice. If you understand how you can work together with them then you will be able to win more games that involve CVs. And no matter what your stance on CVs is, winning should be in everyone's interest.

Now to the positive side of things. Getting a team that can work together well is absolutely great. Good communication can make a huge difference. And the chances that a team that communicates with each other well consists of nice and chill people are high too. Which means that they keep calm even if an allied ship goes down or when someone made a mistake. And they won’t play for star saving. Which is important in my opinion because almost every game can be turned around completely. Seriously, I’ve lost a game where we were at 950 points and had all allied ships still alive while having all caps. It’s not impossible, especially not in ranked.
I’ve met quite a few cool people out there and some made the game really enjoyable. I kind of want to thank the players with this. Ranked is at least not 100% toxicity yet.

Now I want to say something about the CV star saving. Did I save my star a lot? Yes. Every game? No. Is it broken and unfair? Sometimes to most of the time. Sometimes my team just performed terrible and didn’t deserve any star. But I think there was only a single game where I didn’t die as the last one of my team and you have to be honest, surviving so long will earn you tons of xp. Only games where my team got massacred super fast or had some hard carry that just couldn’t carry enough for a win really threatened my saved star. Unnecessary to say that people complained about it in all chat a lot.

So… my final thoughts on ranked with CVs:
Are they ready for ranked? LMAO. Honestly, they *could but people haven’t even accepted them completely in randoms so…

  • Do they improve gameplay? They enable a different play-style, BBs will be able to snipe more cruisers due to the extra spotting for example. Some may enjoy it, others don’t, don’t really have an opinion on that.

  • Cancer? Hold these rockets for a second. But seriously, not enjoyable if they go for you and you’re unable to fend off all aircraft. But I would do anything to get out of the ranked hell faster.

I’m just glad I did it and yes, I also feel a bit proud of myself, even if I played as a CV.

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