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Myoko Guide: More than a Unicum, Less than a Potato

WorldOfWarships5 - Myoko Guide: More than a Unicum, Less than a Potato

This is a Myoko guide targeted toward high level solo players. I am DolphinPrincess on NA and the current top Myoko player. All games are solo played in the last 21 days. As usual the playstyle that I go by only works with a high level captain (both the one on the boat and the one in the chair), combat signal flags, and dedication. Any half hearted attempts will likely result in failure.


Secondary Spec Myoko


Why it works part 1: Tier 7


Tier 7 is by far the most ideal tier to spec into secondaries. It is the minimum tier in which the skill Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament (MSEC) gives the massive 60% reduction in dispersion (compared to only 15% for Tier 6 and below). Any tier above 7 will likely be drawn into Tier 10 games where the meta becomes a long range HE spamming fest that is not ideal for secondaries. Myoko is the ideal candidate for secondaries because its secondary armament is just as strong as the ones found on Mogami a tier higher.


Why it works part 2: Tankiness and power


For a quick comparison I will be using Gneisenau to Bismarck as a reference. The Gneisenau, while it is a tier lower thus enjoying a much better matchmaking, is held back compared to the Bismarck in that it not only have less secondaries, but also it is much less tanky than the Bismarck. The idea of the secondary build is to brawl and to do that survivability is critical. A Bismarck can survive for a much longer period of time that allows the secondaries to stack up damage. The Myoko, not only does it enjoy Tier 7 matchmaking, but it is also more survivable than the Mogami. The Myoko have more hp, more deck armor, and most importantly, the Myoko sits much lower in the water and is thus less susceptible to being citadeled. Finally, as mentioned before, the Myoko have the same amount of firepower in its secondaries as the Mogami.


Why it works part 3: Firing Angle


While most players think the general playstyle of the Japanese cruisers is to kite away, that shows one of the ship’s greatest weaknesses: its kiting firing angle. Here is a picture of Myoko’s firing angle from WowsFT, as you can see, the angles at the back of the boat are more acute than the ones in the front. This means that Myoko can remain at a much steeper angle while moving toward its target than it can kiting away. Only the B turret have a decent angle when kiting while both the X and Y turrets have excellent forward arcs. Remember that even if you are secondary build, the main battery will still be your main source of damage. Kiting away will negate the effectiveness of the A and C turret making you lose 40% of your firepower or risk being citadeled, the Myoko have one of the highest HP pools for a T7 cruiser and it have deck armor capable of bouncing even shells from an Iowa, allowing you to play much more aggressively and make use of your secondaries.


Why it works part 4: Captain point intensiveness



The biggest argument against secondaries has always been its investment cost. Or rather, that since secondary specs normally involve AFT and MSec it is simply too costly and forces the player to sacrifice critical skills. Going back to the Gneisenau/Bismarck example, a Battleship benefits greatly from having skills like Basic of Survivability and Fire Prevention as a fire lasts for 60 seconds on a Battleship. For cruisers, the fire duration is halved and Myoko have a much better surface detection which allows it to do dark if needed. The difference in the Damage Control Consumable also plays a part in this, as a Cruiser’s DCP have a much lower cool down than that of a Battleship (60 vs 80 seconds base), combing these factors and fires become a lot less of a threat to Myoko thus BoS and FP are not needed on Myoko. Additionally, Myoko does not need the skill Super Intendent as it does not have a heal, this allows Myoko to be much more flexible in its build pattern that allows it to invest into secondaries without much cost. Finally, investing into the AFT skill provides the additional benefit of Anti Air. Unlike the Battleships, the Myoko can equip the Defensive AA consumable, this allows the ship to take much better advantage of the AA boost from AFT. Myoko, despite being a Japanese cruiser, actually have very potent AA for its tier, more effective than that of Mogami and Atago and certainly does not lose out to even American CAs like the New Orleans at its tier.


Why it works part 5: Concealment


Currently there are no ships in the game that have a minimum concealment value less than maximum secondary range. That means (assuming no smoke/island) there will always be a distance in which you have to cover from the moment you are detected to the moment your secondaries can begin firing. Taking the Gneisenau example again, its surface detection is 14.7km with camo and its secondaries reach a maximum of 8km, this means that’s Gneisenau must cover 6.7km of distance at a speed of 32 kts before its secondaries can begin firing. Myoko, on the other hand, have a concealment of 12.4km and a secondary range of 6.8km. This means that Myoko only have to cover 5.6km of range instead of 6.7km. Additionally, the Myoko is much faster than the Gneisenau at a speed of 35kts, making it capable of being able to catch cruisers than the Gneisenau simply cannot do. The difference in acceleration and manuverbility also comes into critical play, allows the Myoko to have a much easier time unleashing its secondaries.


Captain Skills


PT/PM/AR/BFT/MSec/AFT/IFHE for my build and play style.



  • Auxiliary Armaments Mod 1 (Keep your AA and Secondaries Alive)
  • Steering Gears Mod 1 (The Myoko have a surprisingly weak rudder)
  • Secondary Battery Mod 1 (Obviously)
  • Steering mod 2 (You need this to be able to bear your guns on target between reloads)



Thanks for reading

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