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[NA] Bot Accounts in Random Battle getting out of hand

WorldOfWarships5 - [NA] Bot Accounts in Random Battle getting out of hand

After encountering bot accounts for six matches in a row I've decided to record a replay documenting the problem. These aren't simply bad players, these are blatantly bot accounts out for a late night XP farm.

You will notice a few key things in this replay. The bot Lyon joins the available division to throw off suspicion. You then have a Yorck sail in a perfectly straight line into the enemy. A Minsk does this as well on the same flank. As soon as a single shell hits the Minsk you see smoke screen generator IMMEDIATELY activated, but the Minsk continues to fire in spite of the enemy fleet bearing down on him.

Unlike a real player, it does not continue shooting after losing vision, but fires again instantly once vision has been restored. After this post has been up for an hour or two the replay website will convert the replay into a video. Further analysis can then be done without the game client.


Wargaming needs to be aware that there are a LOT of bot accounts on NA at the moment. They aren't real players, there are a lot of little quirks that you can use to prove that they are indeed bots. For instance, start of the match, you can shoot one of these bot players and smoke will be immediately activated. Even though it was from a teammate and not an enemy. These ships behave very similarly to the old co-op bots, latching on to one target and firing on them until destroyed. They do not attempt to angle against incoming fire in any way. These bots are absolutely ruining enjoyment of the game…especially late at night when some matches are infested with the damned things.

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