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Naval Aviation Containers stats

WorldOfWarships1 - Naval Aviation Containers stats

4 disclaimers ahead:

  1. Loot boxes are gambling. Do not be encouraged by other people results, your own have a good chance to be much worse and dissatisfy you.
  2. Be aware of how much money you spend. I set myself a fixed ammount of money I am willing to spend on video games per month. This is several months worth of it and will be kept to.
  3. If you are worried about being or becoming addicted to gambling, please seek council.
  4. Consider if you are going to be happy with the way you are planning to spend your money. If you think you may not be happy with doing it, consider not to spend anything. Buy something that is going to make you happy instead.

Now to the numbers.

A total of 60 containers were bought.

The ultimate goal was to obtain all 4 CVs.

My contents:

– 112.500 Coal

– 320 Sci-Fi Space camo

– 80 Wyvern Flags

– 60 Red Dragon Flags

– 100 Dragon Flags

– 40 Ouroboros Flags

– 40 Scylla Flags

– 100 Basilisk Flags

– 100 Hydra Flags

– 120 Leviathan Flags

– USS Enterprise

– USS Saipan

– Graf Zeppelin

– Kaga

I did not get a single ship in the first 27 containers I opened.

The previous line should open your eyes for gambling above all. 

A ship was obtained in the 28th container.

The second ship was obtained in the 33rd container (5 containers after the previous ship).


The third ship was obtained in the 52nd container (19 containers after the previous ship).

The fourth ship was obtained in the 58th container (6 containers after the previous ship).

You are going to ask why I did it, so I will explain. I had 4 reasons:

  1. I wanted the 4 CVs
  2. I wanted to see the drop chances of these containers
  3. I wanted to restock on special flags
  4. Making this post

A total of 193,5€ was spent (which is currently 2.5 days of worktime for me (after tax deduction)).

You can buy all 4 premium Carriers for 178,74€.

I spent twice as much money as I originally planned to.

For me that is acceptable, because I wanted the special flags that I got along the way.

It is also acceptable because I am aware that no more money will be spent online for the next months, according to my self set budget.

I will emphasize again that you should be aware of firstly how much money you can spend and second on how much you are willing to spend.

If either of those factors does not apply, you should not buy containers. You will very likely not be happy with it afterwards.

This is a new account for privacy reasons.

The post was made for informational purposes.

You are welcome to ask questions and discuss your opinions.

Please remain polite.

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