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WorldOfWarships5 - Need tips

So i always wanted to get my friends play WOWS but they always refused because they don't like it. So we go to cinema to watch a movie about submarines and ships movie was called "Hunter Killer" fast forward to now i got my friends download the game and start playing. I played the game before some 20 or 30 hours and now they started playing. I want to give them some tips how to play some nations or how to play specific ships or classes but i am not good at explaining and i don't know that much about the game mechanics. So can you please tell me some tips/tricks so i can keep them playing and make them feel that they are good at the game and are getting better. My 1 friend plays USA mostly Cruisers and destroyers he gets killed by torpedos i suggested him to play battleships to expand his life time and productivity my 2 friend plays Germany his last ship was tier 3 destroyer. So can you guys give me some tips and good info i can pass to them.



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