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Nerfing CVs even more won’t fix anything.

WorldOfWarships5 - Nerfing CVs even more won't fix anything.

First of all (if my flair doesn't make it obvious), I am a CV main, playing DDs on the side (Kidd, T-61, and Shinonome mostly). So there is a bias of course.

CVs have been nerfed over and over again since the release of 0.8.0, yet the complaints are the same now as when the rework was released. The nerfs since then has not fixed any of the problems that surface ships face.

The problem isn't that CVs are too strong, it is there are not enough tools for player interaction between the surface ships and the CV planes. I should be preaching to the choir here, but I still see a lot of calls for nerfs on the reddit.
That is not going to do anything.
Until surface ships have tools that let them combat CVs directly, the complaints wont change.
You will still get posts of someone doing everything right, "just dodge"ing, reinforcing sectors, DFAA and still being blapped.

Because that is all they can do, and that is the problem.

Storytime: I am in my Saipan. The match just started, and I start out with a torpedo plane squad, hoping I can get myself a destroyer if he smokes up.
Instead I see a Gneisenau "playing badly" by spawning almost alone on one side of the map. And I can end him with only one squadron of planes.

His experience that match was spawning at the wrong place, and then dying a few minutes into the match, without even having fired a single shell.
"It is a tier lower than Saipan, all ships do badly against higher tiered boats" Some CV players will say. Sure, so if it was a Bismark, I would only have done 70% of his health without him being able to do much at all. Storytime End.


My suggested fix is that surface ships need manual control of Flak. Complete aiming like main batteries. And the argument I always see against this is that it would be too complicated to control.

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I disagree. It wouldn't be. Not when the only thing you are fighting is the enemy CV. It would only be a problem when you are occupied with another enemy at the same time as having to fend of enemy planes.
Just like every other encounter in the game. Unless you only play 1vs1, you will have situations where you are facing more than one target at a time, and that will always be more complicated than fighting one target.
Why should fighting CVs be different? Why should a Kidd be able to fight a Z-23 while relegating the Graf zeppelin it is facing to 2 button presses?
Fighting a DD and a CV at the same time should require as much attention as fighting two DDs at the same time.

Giving manual control of flak to surface ships would require CVs to cooperate more with allied ships. A CV would have to target surface ships who are already in combat, while unoccupied ships will be able to focus down airplanes going in alone to attack it.

I am sure I had the full attention of the Gneisenau when I targeted it for a minute and a half. Yet it didn't matter one bit. With manual flak that full attention might have mattered.

Balancing should start when surface ships have actual ways to play against CVs. Right now, all that is happening is that CVs are getting weaker and weaker, and are forced to only target ships that are already vulnerable to air attacks. Until they are too weak to do even that…

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