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Neural net generated boats vol. II

WorldOfWarships5 - Neural net generated boats vol. II

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You guys asked for outtakes and weirder ships to be included so I went with it. Created with the neural network and pressed generate output over and over again until I got output that amused me sufficiently. I hope you guys feel the same.


A British destroyer leader with powerful guns, no torpedoes, HE shells filled with torbernite and oxidizer, and the ergonomic qualities of a rear-wheel-drive school bus. Due to the combined factors of her HE shell qualities and her unfortunate name, she was pulled from sale within hours after Reddit turned into a volcanic anthill as usual. Now, you have to buy millions of santa crates to get her.

Nation: British
Type: Destroyer
Tier: V

Consumables: Smoke Generator

Main Battery: 6 x 1 127mm/38 Type 89 mod.1
Range: 11.85 km
Rotation: 180 degrees (left/right)
Reload Time: 6.60 seconds
AP Damage: 3,200 (740 m/s)
HE Damage: 3,100 (740 m/s)
HE Penetration: 2.8" (7.9 cm)
HE Fire Chance: 10.6%
Sigmata: 6.2

Average AA DPS: 120.0

Speed: 35 kts
Turning circle: 500m
Rudder time: 6.2 s

Hitpoints: 15,400
Belt Armor: 12 mm
Bulkhead Armor: 11mm
Deck Armor: 7mm
Turret Armor: 10mm

Comments on Aurora

I'm actually not even sure where to start.

It's another completely absurd tier V destroyer. Okhotnik has met her match…

First off, I think the name is taken. Second, I'm going to assume "sigmata" is sigma cubed, so if we take the cube root of it we get a 1.8 sigma.

Now, those HE shells. They're complete and total magic. 79 mm HE penetration on destroyer guns is nuts. They hit like 6-inch guns. They have a 10.6% fire chance. These are somehow not dual-purpose in spite of her main guns evidently being built and standardized by America and Japan working together, but it doesn't matter. The ship already has very strong AA DPS, and everything else on top of that penetration, that fire chance and that damage is icing on the cake. Slow muzzle velocity, long reload time and special low sigma aren't even going to matter if those shells land.

For the first time, the bot actually gave turret angles, even though that was nowhere in the input. However, those turret angles are 180 degrees. This and the 1.8 sigma actually get the ship to the point where she's close to balanced. Somewhere, far off in the distance, a pink-haired ship reviewer and her cat are screaming and crying. In any possible layout, this is horrifyingly bad. The best layout I can think of is an A-PQ-R-XY layout, with one forward-firing and two sideways-angled forward guns on the bow, one forward-firing gun on the aft deckhouse and then two rearward-firing guns behind that. Even with this layout, you have four guns at a time on target at most, and you're really going to be relying on your broadside guns to cover you. Your heaviest practicable fire zone is anywhere around your bow, with three guns at all times, usually with one broadside gun, the bow gun and the forward-facing rear gun. Straight forward, both of your broadside guns cover the area where the forward-facing rear gun can't fire. Then, there's a blindspot followed by a very heavy four-gun fire zone off your stern, then the arcs for your broadside guns cut out and you have only two guns straight backwards.

Those turrets are really a curveball for a designer and I needed graph paper to set those guns up in a way where they were even usable.

By the way, this is like a cruiser-sized ship with Smoke Generator in addition to her nuclear HE shells, and has more plating than she should at her tier, in addition to a huge hit point pool and workable maneuverability.

Thinking about how that ship would actually work in your average Random Battle was quite the trip and I hope I never have to play this ship, either behind her helm or against her.

I screenshotted the output for Aurora because it had me floored so hard.


A disturbingly normal French battleship armed with a new model of main gun with extremely high muzzle velocity and very heavy armor. Ascalon pioneered the French Nation design philosophy that posited that any weapon worth having is worth having in a quadruple turret.

Nation: French Nation
Type: Battleship
Tier: VIII

Cons: Standard Damage Control, British Cruiser Repair, French Battleship Repair, French Cruiser Repair, Standard Spotting Aircraft or Fighters


Main Battery: 2 x 4 382mm/50 T5 1939
Range: 14.94 km
Reload Time: 24.00 seconds
AP Damage: 10,700 (1,160 m/s)
HE Damage: 5,600 (1,020 m/s)
HE Penetration: 1/6
HE Fire Chance: 25.0%
Sigma: 1.3

Speed: 30 kts (60 s full power forward)
Turning circle: 800 m
Rudder time: 15.4 s

Hitpoints: 55,100
Belt Armor: 400mm
Bulkhead Armor: 240mm
Deck Armor: 200mm
Turret Armor: 240mm
Detection Distance: 14.96 km

Secondary Battery: 2 x 4 152mm/55 Type 5 1936, 9 x 1 90mm/50 T5 Type 1939
Secondary Battery Range: 5.00 km

AA Flak Bursts: 2 + 1
AA Flak Damage: 2,500
Average AA DPS: 545.8

Comments on Ascalon

The bot got every single thing right about battleships, managed to even get it right how French battleships work, and yet still managed to screw it enough to make it hilarious.

Even the name makes sense. The Battle of Ascalon was one of France's great victories.

If I could pat this bot on the shoulder for getting so much right, I would, but we have to move on to the ship's specifications.

First off: Laser-Canone Francaise. That absolute muzzle velocity. The bot got it right how much damage a 15-inch shell should do, got within the ballpark on how far it should fire, and went overboard on how fast it goes. To top it off, those guns have a 1.3 sigma, worse than even Gangut, and it is effectively guaranteed that all four shells from each turret will all land in entirely different places.

Ascalon can choose between three different Repair Parties: one that regenerates citadel damage very well, one that regenerates exterior damage quickly, and one that regenerates exterior damage nearly completely. This is actually a really cool gimmick, although as-written the ship would have all three Repair Parties at once and this is my interpretation for the sake of balance.

She has quadruple secondaries, a few bursts of extremely potent flak, and the standard-issue devastating French midrange AA ring.

As for her armor, it's a mixed bag. She gets extremely heavy belt, bulkhead and deck armor, but her turrets are not very well protected and could be disabled by cruisers. The way I interpret the results, her turret faces are armored like her bulkheads and the rest of the turrets are armored like her deck. But good luck to anything short of Russian or Japanese battleships on scoring citadels through the bow or through the belt. However, against those battleships, she is well and truly done for, because she does not have the hitpoints to stand up to heavy alpha strikes.

The ship doesn't quite have French battleship speed, and is detected as long as she is within range unless her Spotting Aircraft is active, but she is an excellent representative of her nation and an exemplary performance by the neural net. I screenshotted her for this reason.

Also, French Nation.


Sicily, an Italian tier VIII battleship with eight dual 406mm/50 guns, 1,150 meter per second muzzle velocity on her AP, 1,200 meter per second muzzle velocity on her HE, over a thousand AA DPS, a very respectable AP fire chance and 25 knot speed. I'm still not sure why, but I did not screenshot this output as it started to include values that were nonsensical and don't exist.

Flaming Fusilier, an Imperial German tier IX light cruiser with two quadruple 75mm guns, AP shells with 1300 m/s muzzle velocity and HE shells with 850 m/s muzzle velocity and 1/8 penetration. These guns have a 30 second reload time and deal as much damage as a below-average battleship's guns would, and it makes no sense how this is possible on a 3-inch gun. Has access to the "Standard Turret" and "Type 98 AA" consumables, completely breaking the metagame. I screenshotted this output.

Seville, a Spanish tier III submarine with ten dual 381mm guns dealing anemic amounts of damage, equipped with "shells, torpedoes and missiles" as consumables, a 3/6 HE penetration value, 1 sigma, a variable top speed of 25 to 30 knots, a very specific turning circle size of 900.7 meters, 65,500 hitpoints, 400 mm turret armor, 300 mm belt and bulkhead armor, 150 mm deck armor, long-range secondaries made up of multiple different kinds of 6-inch gun, very strong "AA Gauss Bursts" and "AA Pavel Damage", 400.5 AA DPS, and no torpedo tube data. I screenshotted this output, because no one would believe me if I didn't.

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