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Neustrashimy – A sleeper ticket through Ranked Bronze this season.

WorldOfWarships3 - Neustrashimy - A sleeper ticket through Ranked Bronze this season.

I had a pretty amazing run last night ranking out of Bronze for the season using the Neustra. As I was running MatchmakingMonitor I can safely say it wasn't a fluke of stacked teams. Out of 16 Neustra games, I lost 2. Once against a red unicum Lexington and a second against a pair of unicum BB players and an usually poor green team. The other 14 wins I got carried 2-3 times (once because I forgot det flags and detonated, another because I had a 70% unicum CV on my side. Balanced Class!). That left ~10 victories where I had the highest individual WR on my team and decisively influenced the game to a win.

FXFbjYt - Neustrashimy - A sleeper ticket through Ranked Bronze this season.

As you can see my personal stats are by any means impressive other than carrying that team WR through ranked.

I think it's actually a top tier DD pick for the T8/T9 bronze league. Jutland, Kitakaze, and Benham are stronger picks to directly influence the game but Neustra provides better value to your team. If you want to take it out for a spin I recommend the following general guidelines:

  1. Run MM and see which players are decent and communicative and which are lost causes. Any CL/CA that seems decent and responds in chat? Run a long line of smoke for him and then spot. You will get comps and he will rack up early damage and dissuade the reds from pushing in aggressively. If you can avoid fast roflstomps against you, Neustra has the staying power to influence the lategame heavily so stalling out red pushes is usually desirable. Neustra's huge HP pool and excellent stealth means you don't really need to use your smoke to disengage. Neustra DPM/FPM too shit to sit in smoke and farm anyways. I almost always use my first and second smokes to smoke my teammates.

  2. Seek out medium range trades against their DDs. Neustra does lack in DPM but the guns are on 360 turrets and have flat arcs that make 7km+ duels favor you vs more floaty USN/RN/EU DD shells. You can WASDhack their shells more effectively than they can yours. As your smoke is usually down early on due to point 1, just play it like a pan EU DD.

  3. The torps are pretty good. Their reload is on the long side but they are decently fast, have 18k alpha and 1.3km concealment which makes them (I think?) the stealthiest non-deepwater torps in the game not counting Black's seamines. Among the best for RPF-torping DDs. Since Ranked is 7v7 and is quite cruiser-light in meta this season; I didn't see a lot of radar in my games so the 10km range was adequate.

  4. Your health pool and heals let you take much greater risks. I've open-water gunboated a lot of BBs this season. They usually turn and shoot at you which is fantastic if you manage to only eat 2 overpens per salvo. BB salvos tossed at you are not ones that Devstrike the friendly cruiser showing them broadside further away. If they don't respect your guns you can still do 1.5-2k salvos with AP into their thinner sections if they show side.

  5. Unless you fuck up badly (or detonate because you forgot flags, oops…) you should stay alive most games into the last quarter where the team with the living DD is usually the winning team. Chances are at this point you also have way more HP left than the Kita or Jutland on the other side and can take them in a gunfight if need be.

  6. If possible, run either Ovechkin for the extra SE health or Kuznetsov for his triggered abilities. I only triggered Will to Victory once and lived as you tend to get blapped for your last bit of health in DDs. However, Kuznetsov's Hidden Reserves is actually way more valuable should you get first blood. A 4th charge of that superheal shoots your effective HP to truly hilarious levels.

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