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NeutralState’s You-Can’t-Be-A-Noob-Forever Contest Give Away [NA Only]

WorldOfWarships4 - NeutralState's You-Can't-Be-A-Noob-Forever Contest Give Away [NA Only]

After some thoughts and based on the experience from past give aways, I came up with this idea.

On North America server, between Dec 17 0000 hours PST to 24th 2359 hours PST, if you achieve an average win rate at least 3.5% higher than your past average with minimum 15 games played, you are qualified for the give away contest.

The winners are the top FIVE players with highest increase in average win rate and highest numbers of games played. Tie breaker is numbers of games played. If two players have the same increase in win rate, the player with higher numbers of games played wins. The win rate is solely based on SOLO play, must be using ships T6 or above and with an average tier played 6.0 or above. NO CVs ALLOWED, if there's any CV games during the contest period, the player's disqualified. Qualified players must also not have hidden stats or set their stats as private.

  • First place prize is mega Christmas container x 10
  • Second place Big Gifts x 5
  • 3-5th will receive one mega container each.

If you want to qualify, simply submit your in game ID (either in this thread or through PM, if you are shy) before Dec 25 1200 hours PST, I will then check wows numbers and send out gifts based on the data. Again, North America server only.

This is not WG affiliated in anyway, players not accepting their gifts in their WG account associated email account or missed the claiming period will not be receiving any replacements. If for some reason Christmas containers are no longer available by Dec 25, equivalent cost gift will be send out in the form of Doubloons. Strongly suggest players wishing to enter into the give away contest to link their WG account with WoWS Numbers to ensure accurate data represented. I hold the ultimate arbitration and decision making power regardless of circumstances.

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Best luck to you.

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