World of Warships

New Legendary Modules leaked

WorldOfWarships2 - New Legendary Modules leaked


Harugumo (slot 6):

  • -12% Main Battery Loading time (even more dakka) (Positive)

  • +16% Main Battery Range (dakka from further away) (Positive)

  • -15% Torpedo Reload time (Increased Torpedo DPM) (Positive)

  • +11% Main Battery Dispersion (Gunners now drinking sake, be warned) (Negative)

  • -19% Main Battery turret traverse speed (A bit less WD-40 there…) (Negative)

  • -85% Torpedo Tube traverse speed (Definitely no WD-40 here) (Negative)

Daring (slot 6):

  • -18% Main Battery reload time (Dakka for the Dakka gods, someone pls do the math on this) (Positive)

  • -11% Main Battery Dispersion (Lazer accurate dakka) (Positive)

  • -80% HE fire chance (What's a fire? Never heard of it.) (Negative)

Salem (slot 6):

  • Citadel healing up to 66% of damage taken (Positive)

  • Non-citadel healing up to 100% (Positive) (Now this is a superheal, at the cost of reload or range)

Stalingrad (slot 5):

  • +8% Main Battery range (Bias with a further reach) (Positive)

  • -7% Main Battery dispersion (bias, with even more bias accuracy) (Positive)

  • +10% Concealment (This much bias can't be ignored) (Negative)

Bourgogne (slot 5):

  • +5% Max Speed (Speedy Speed Boi) (Positive)

  • -10% time to accelerate to full speed (Not quite UK accel) (Positive)

  • -10% Turning radius (Deja Vu!) (Positive)

  • -10% rudder shift time (Deja Vu intensifies!) (Positive)

Keep in mind that this is not final and bound to change.

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